Tipping the Scales

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   August 8, 2006

Over the years many people had an influence on our children.

My parents; our pastor, Calvin Thielman; and several of Bill’s associates were among them. But not everyone was an inspiration.

At one conference, one of our sons watched a difficult Christian leader repeatedly rebuke, correct and embarrass an older Christian who happened to be working under him.

Someone once said: “No person is absolutely unnecessary. They can always serve as a horrible example.”

Day after day, our son quietly watched and listened, unable to intervene.

Not once did the older man show anything but Christian graciousness and humility. Never once did he get angry and complain. Not once did he strike back. He was a perfect illustration of J.B. Rotherham’s translation of Proverbs 24:25: “To reprovers, one should be pleasant.”

Neither the horrible example nor the gentle saint was aware he was being observed. Neither knew that the scales in one young heart were being tilted inevitably toward the Savior because of an older man’s close resemblance to Him when under attack.

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