Filling Your Child’s Mind

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   February 2, 2012

As John Trapp said back in the 17th century, “A child’s mind is like a small-necked bottle. If you pour in the wine too rapidly, much of it spills over and is lost.” Teach your children early and consistently how to know the Lord, to trust Him, to confess their sins to Him. Teach them early to put their faith in God.

Salvation is a miracle of grace, but if you do your part, God will do His. Teach your children that God loves them and is beside them always. Teach them to love and trust His will however hard it may be. Teach them not just to say their prayers but to pray—to talk with God, to know that God is interested in everything they have to say. Every animal about our home—dogs, cats, canaries—has been prayed for many, many times. Teach the children that God cares about everything that concerns them.

Taken by permission from “Husbands, Children and God” by Ruth Bell Graham, originally published in Decision June 1967 ©1967 The Ruth Graham Literary Trust.