God Had Another Idea

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Starting in childhood, I felt a strong tug toward serving God as a missionary in Tibet.

It may have been a pipe dream—or, it could have been God checking out my willingness. No doubt the exposure to missionary speakers in chapel services at Wheaton College led me to the conclusion that I was called to be a missionary. And I planned to go alone.

But God had another idea, and I married Billy Graham.

If I had insisted on having my way, I would have lasted in Tibet four years at the longest. Then that part of the world closed to foreign missionaries. And I would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime serving God with the finest man I know, having five terrific children, and fifteen of the most delightful grandchildren imaginable. All this, plus an unusual if not easy life.

I believe God had a part in my desire to go to Tibet. I think He was testing my willingness while at the same time preparing me for many long separations.

Mine has been the task of staying home and raising the family. No higher calling could have been given me. At the same time, it has been loads of fun. Also, I’ve had a vicarious thrill out of my husband’s travels around the world in his unceasing attempt to carry the Good News to all who will listen.

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  1. Angela says:

    Even though you are now with The Lord, He continues to speak through your testimony.

  2. fadiran says:

    GOD bless u 4 this generation. more grace

  3. Steve says:

    I was encouraged and blessed by your constant message from God and it helps me to impart it in my bible study which I am the group leader. May God of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac and Moses continue to give you all His wisdom and understanding and continue to reveal the secret of His kingdom.