Signs of Christ’s Return

By   •   January 27, 2009

The Bible teaches that certain things will take place before Jesus Christ returns. Many observers feel that the time may be drawing near. If that is the case, what should Christians be doing? The following message from Billy Graham, along with articles from Chuck Smith and Skip Heitzig, provides some answers.

For more on the signs of Christ’s return, see the following articles:

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  1. Anita Wheatley says:

    Thank you for updates and articles. Billy Graham Ministry has been a part of my life for several decades. I just started this plan and I love it.

  2. Michael and Irene Campany says:

    I have just started this plan and am thoroughly enjoying it – very inspirational!

  3. Caroline says:

    Significant truth! It edifies the body and bring one to the remembrance of Christ return.

  4. Jane Lowman says:

    Day by Day plan is a brilliant way to start the day. Thank you

  5. Andra Botha says:

    We surely live in the last days and how i pray that The Bride of Christ will put in her every effort to prepare for His coming. That He may present a pure bride to The Father without spot or wrinkle.

  6. Linda Cross says:

    Thank you for your service to God.

  7. Renee McCollum says:

    What a joyful thought of finally beginning my eternity with Jesus.

  8. India says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these articles. Recently, I’ve been trying not to think about Jesus coming back, but these articles seem to have awakened my spirit. Remembering that Jesus is coming soon should help us all live more effective lives.

  9. BARRY GATLIN says:

    Thank you for the articles and daily devotional. You are an amazing man of GOD thank u so much.

  10. Claudette Lupe says:

    God’s return is closer than we think, the signs of the time speak volume.