‘Pure Refreshment’

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   December 1, 2006

It could be merely a piece of plywood stretched across two sawhorses, but you should have a special place for Bible study—a place that doesn’t have to be shared with sewing, letter-writing or bill-paying.

For years, mine was just an old wooden table between an upright chest of drawers and a taller desk.

On my desk I have collected a number of good translations of the Bible for reference, a Bible dictionary, a concordance and several devotional books. I also keep notebooks, a mug full of pens and a special pen that writes on the pages of my Bible without smearing or bleeding through.

When we were in school, we always kept a notebook handy to take notes on the professor’s lecture. How much more important it is to take notes when God is teaching us!

If we have to clear off a spot for Bible study during a crowded day, we are likely to put it off. But if we have a place where our Bible is always open and handy, whenever there is a lull in the storm, we can grab a cup of coffee and sit down for a few minutes or more of pure refreshment and companionship.