The Day Between

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   March 31, 2011

That was the Day Between the Night Before–
The blood
still wet upon the hill;
His body
and still;
the great stone sealed
with Roman seal
and guarded well.
Many a Judean home
had now become
a lesser tomb
within whose walls
men lay,
whose Life had died
That Day.

Looking back
we cannot share
their black
For us
He is the risen Christ,
as He had said:
for them, that Shabbat,
all life died–
for He was dead.
That was the Day Between the Night Before.

This is my Day Between, my Night Before …
in this interim–
let me be still,
let me adore,
let me remember

*Saturday Between Good Friday and Easter

Taken by permission from “Ruth Bell Graham’s Collected Poems,” by Ruth Bell Graham, ©1977, 1992, 1997 The Ruth Graham Literary Trust.