Things That Never Change (Part 2)

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  1. Gary Shelton says:

    As a young man I remember watching the billy graham sermons on TV in the early 70s. Married & had a family good years, but I personally drifted from god. Of course I thought I knew what happiness was. The idea of new cars, more materials to own. If I just had this or that then I would be satisfied. Thought if i just had a better sex life then that would diff entry do it. Watched a lot of pornography, I thought now I will be satisfied. Wrong!!!!!!!! Still empty inside. There are so many sins to get into that Stan tries to snarl us into. But none satisfies, no not none. Only a personal relationship w Christ is the ONLY thing that satisfies that emptiness inside. We were made by god to worship. Worship him alone. I am 58 now, and god is good!

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