The Second Coming

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  1. Debbie Gale says:

    Loved this!! It helped answer my previous question of confusion. Thank you.

  2. Steve Coleman says:

    Billy Graham was the greatest preacher I’ve ever heard.

  3. Sue says:

    I recommitted my life when I saw Billy Graham in the late 1980s. I praise God and thank the Lord for letting me see Billy Graham. My life has changed for the better and I am looking forward to seeing the Lord Jesus someday. God bless all of you!

  4. Edwin Mashburn says:

    Mr. Graham, you are truly a shining light God sent into the world to bring His message in a way that His people can understand.

  5. Mark Vogl says:

    I was blessed to live in Rev. Graham’s time. I was saved by him as a boy, when he preached at Shea Stadium. I watched him on television with my nanna. I am a sinner, and have made many mistakes, but I know they are mistakes…I know there is Jesus. I know there is God. I knew God before Rev. Graham, but I did not know Jesus till Billy Graham. Thank you for the gift, the foundation for my life.

  6. Mcallister Draper says:

    Praise be to GOD for your ministry. I thank Christ for the work Has done through His Holy Spirit in your Ministry. All glory be unto Him.

  7. Brenda Bryan says:

    I am so grateful to have the precious words of Billy Graham that the Lord has placed on his heart to share with us. Billy is to our world in our place and time as to what Jesus was in his time on earth. Sharing the word of God to those who want to hear it and allow it to transform ones heart. Thank you for your years of dedication and sacrifice not only for your life, but to the lives of your family who were separated from you for so many days as you traveled the world to preach out God’s word.

    Blessed is he and his family.

    Brenda Bryan

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