Sex, Power, Riches, and Materialism

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  1. Pauline Panno says:

    Billy Graham has always been my favorite! Since I was a young child, my mother always listened to Billy Graham in our household! I’ve always loved the messages he spoke of and still do!

  2. Leshabane acts says:

    Jesus save my live in john 1:1 says in the begging was the word and the word was God and the word was with God.Thankyou for peace with God is what i have now .

  3. sun hwang says:

    I am a slave to God

  4. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you for this interesting message. Peace with God is what I have now after several years in pain. God has taken my scary thoughts and lonely life. I had to surrender totally and then I can say that NOTHING can hurt me when I have Christ. I am so gratful for Him. God is also answering my prayer so quick and easy. Praise the Lord Jesus for His love.

  5. Rick Bergener says:

    I enjoyed the message from Billy Graham and Will on sex, power, riches, and materialism.
    Thank you for putting the truth out there we need to hear it at all times.
    My first book given to me was Peace with God. The man that gave it to me was W.S.P. He told me Rick the Lord wants to use you if you are willing to let him.
    Billy I still have that book on my book shelf it means a lot 27 yrs. and I have handed updated books
    to friends who need Jesus.

    Billy we are praying for your Family Rick &Terry Bergener

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