Remember Lot’s Wife (Part 1)

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  1. Pat Bernard says:

    Praise God for the revelation of His love and Grace through His Son Christ our risen King, who soon shall return. I also thank Father God for Pastor Billy Graham who dedicated his life to Christ and preaching the truth of sin and repentance. Hallelujah.

  2. Greg Munday says:

    This is the message I most needed to hear at this very moment in my life. Praise God!

  3. Denford Matsaira says:

    We are blessed, thank you.

  4. Connie Waldrop says:

    Thank you for posting these great sermons online. I have always loved to hear Billy Graham speak of our Lord and Savior. And His word. God is good!

  5. Harry Orlish IV says:

    Thank you mr Graham you are awesome and i cannot wait until we are in heaven so i can meet you.

  6. Modise Magubane says:

    The timeless word of God preached by this Legend is priceless. I always thank God for his ministry.

  7. Regina Ogilvie says:

    I love Pastor Graham, he is so down to earth with a heavenly message that has touched so many people

  8. Judy McKinney says:

    i love to listen to the sermons while at work. So uplifting.

  9. Joel Libatique Halili says:

    I admire BG since I was a kid

  10. Rosie Carmack says:

    I Love him I went to the altar when Dr. Graham came to Houston Astrodome I just knew in my heart I had to go down I was between 9 or ten, But what drew me was the love I could hear his heart love was calling saying won’t you come . Dr Graham always ministered in Love , the HolySprite preach, flesh was never up, He preach with such love and compassion. That what drew me LOVE. People are beat down enough they know that they are not living right if we get out of the flesh and let the Holy Sprite have his way we will see before our eyes yokes being broken. Ita amazing the way Jesus do things not my way but his ways. This year I am seeking to walk in love like never before. God Bless the readers. P.S. yes his arms are open saying come, whosoever will come

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