Living On Death Row

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  1. Caleb Shuler says:

    I had a good friend commit suicide in 2003. It’s so hard to know some people just can’t believe and become hopeless. He was raised pretty much in a non-believing family, different than me. When life has become almost unbearable to me on occasion through the years, Jesus has always been the factor for me to keep moving and put it in his hands.

  2. Travis Causey says:

    Love Billy Graham! Love his style of preaching.. Always felt blessed after hearing one of his sermons. Once as a child I saw him and president Nixon in Charlotte. He truly is a man of God. I am so blessed to be able to pull up one of his sermons when I feel the need of a good sermon..

  3. Nicholas Baker says:

    I am willing to put my life in Christ.

  4. phillip mcclendon says:

    Great message as always.

  5. Wayne hollinshead says:

    Looking forward to growing spiritually thru the Billy Graham messages

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