Franklin Graham Shares Biblical Wisdom at Inauguration

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  1. mary frasure says:


  2. Linda Jones says:

    I have my whole life that I have always believed in what the Graham Family has preached and love and believe in what they teach us.

  3. Dustin says:

    Gave me reasurrence that God is in control! Amen

  4. mike says:

    That was excellent! So good to hear. Thank God.

  5. Nancy Roggy says:

    So precious and warming to my heart. What a thrill this was. Thank you, Mr. Franklin Graham. And thanks to a president who INVITED him, instead of essentially making him unwelcome on the national day of prayer, as someone else did. Thank you so much Mr. Graham for all you do!.

  6. Pastor G.Arunodayam says:

    I did see the inauguration ceremony. May God bless your president and America.

  7. Darlene House says:

    What Franklin Graham said is what has been missing far too long in this country and we were so greatly happy to hear what he said.

  8. Emanuel Tanjala says:

    I love my God and I’m praying for my President, for my Country and for Godly Franklin Graham and his father. God bless you all.

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