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Comedian Chonda Pierce’s Deep Heartache and Joyful Laughter


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  1. Suzanne E. Culpepper says:

    She’s my favorite comedian of all time! Keep up the awesome and great ministry God has gifted you with! You are a blessing. Every Friday night I have a “Chonda night” where I just sit or lay on my bed and watch every single DVD I have of yours—which is about all of them—and watch them back to back.

  2. Joy Lee says:

    This message was truly a blessing to me. Thank you all. Amen! Thanks be to God! God bless you all!

  3. Donald Jarboe says:

    That was an inspiring story and one that makes one think that your life could be a lot worse. It lets one know how wonderful God is and what he can do for you when you hit a rough patch in one’s life.

  4. Patty says:

    I love Chonda and I think what I love most, even more than her humor (which is phenomenal) is her authenticity as a Christian. She holds nothing back in her life, and I can only imagine the women she has helped through her pain. Chonda is a “one in a million” Christian comedian who can make a person laugh and cry in the same sentence. I pray God’s blessings over her life. ❤️

  5. Sue says:

    Thank you, Chonda and Billy! I can relate to this sermon but I’m still lost at the emotional abuse I’ve received from my parents. I will pray that the Lord leads me through. God bless all of you!

  6. Mary Homesly says:

    Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony of someone who endured much pain and suffering, and who God is now using to bring laughter to many!

  7. Sandra Lanning says:

    Honestly, this is so refreshing. Some people try to live in a pretend world, like bad things don’t happen, but thanks be to Jesus Christ. He is enough to show us the way to healing and happiness!

  8. Betty Herron says:

    Such a helpful message from the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

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