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christmas stress


I'm already depressed about Christmas. Last year, we resolved not to spend as much money or get so busy, but I can already tell that it's not going to happen. How we can make Christmas what it ought to be, instead of this rat race?


I suspect countless readers feel exactly like you do; the holiday season has become so busy and so commercialized that we hardly have time to stop and think about its true meaning.

But it shouldn’t be this way, nor does it need to be. You can still take steps to make this Christmas a less stressful and more spiritual time. Let me suggest three words that might help you. First, simplify. Make a list of all the things you have to do between now and Christmas, then cut out everything you possibly can. Not everything is important or necessary; do what you can to simplify your life.

Then plan. Many of us frantically jump from one thing to another around Christmas, simply because we haven’t planned ahead. But even a little planning can add hours to your day. And don’t feel you have to carry the whole load; get your family to help with projects.

Most of all, focus; that is, deliberately take time every day to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Read together from the Bible’s account of Jesus’ birth, and thank God for sending His Son into the world for our salvation. Especially help your children discover the wonder of God’s love for us. The Bible says, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” (1 John 3:1).

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  1. Jana Kirkpatrick says:

    This is a wonderful writing about how Christmas should be celebrated. Thank you for focusing our attention on the true meaning of Christmas, the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and what His birth and death mean for those who trust Him as their Savior.. Let’s celebrate our Salvation through our faith in Christ.

  2. Judie Vanin-Roth says:

    Helpful & practical suggestions.

  3. Dr. Vishwas R. Nath says:

    I and my family are very much delighted all the time by receiving your practical and spiritual food.
    I have heard you at Singapore in 1978 while I was attending HI. I have done you book on MISSION.

  4. Ed Bufkin says:

    Thank you so much for this important reminder. As I have aged, not only does Christmas mean more to me as a Christian, but I am happy to say it is less stressful.

    This year my wife and I (both age 77) began having a daily devotional time each morning. We rarely miss. It has become so meaningful and I believe God has blessed this time together.

    Thank you so much for My Hope, America. There we re 41 decisions to receive God’s great gift of salvation in our church as a result of the Presentation and our Pastor’s message which followed. We attend First Baptist Church of Carrollton, Texas.

    May God truly bless Billy Graham and the BGEA this Christmas season.

  5. NEILOZMENT says:


  6. Ruth Caraker says:

    Great message

  7. Ada Lanoue says:

    Very good advice. Happy Birthday Jesus.

  8. wotkimf Bob Overstreet says:

    The Prince of Peace
    Isaiah 9:6,7/ John 3:16/John 14:27

    In this world so torn by strife and war,
    Where it seems there is no rest,
    ‘Tis comforting to know that God is present
    To give us His everlasting peace.

    Some 2,000 years ago ‘twas revealed
    In the babe born in little Bethlehem.
    The One who came in that hour of history
    Was peace wrapped in swaddling clothes.

    The angels on high announced His arrival,
    Saying to the shepherds on Israel’s hills:
    “Glory to God in the highest…and on earth
    Peace among men with whom He’s pleased”.

    Peace may come in Alliances and armistices,
    As men lay down their arms to settle differences,
    But real peace in their souls is never lasting
    Till they honor the One called Prince of Peace.

    May each of us deep in our hearts
    Discover this peace that God has given.
    That is my prayer this Christmas season.
    That is the reason for Christmas.


  9. Nancy says:

    I love this ministry. God bless Billy Graham and all his family.

  10. Pat Wakefield says:

    Thanks, helpful, calming for the soul.