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Will there be animals in heaven?


God has a special reason and place for each of His created beings. Animals, too, have a purpose in God’s creation. Man, as the highest order of creation, has been given dominion over the animal kingdom (Genesis 1:26-28).

We believe that animals were intended for man’s enjoyment and use. The Bible itself does not indicate that there is life after death for animals. It may be that God’s purpose for animals is fulfilled on this earth. However, if animals would make us happier in heaven, surely there will be a place for them there.

Some Bible interpreters have called attention to Isaiah’s description of the peace of God’s future kingdom where he says that “the wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox” (Isaiah 65:25). Heaven will lack nothing that is good and that will bring glory to God.

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  1. Kim says:

    I just lost a piglet that we have and we buried her in the woods. I please want her to be in heaven and when I was growing up I had a dog. I hope he’s in heaven and I know I have a cat but I have some nine years and he’s still alive. But I would love to reunite with them when I go to heaven.

  2. Jennifer Robin says:

    If Jesus resurrected and conquered death for us, then He can resurrect our pet cats and dogs like He resurrected Lazarus and a girl He said was asleep. The Lord Jesus resurrected them. Elijah resurrected a man and so did some of The Lord Jesus’ Apostles.

  3. Michael Croarkin says:

    Animals are important to God. Why did He have them go two by two onto the ark?
    Animals are used in stories all through out the bible. Animals can teach us how to love.
    I believe that God is Love. I believe that when animals are filled with love, they are a part of God. If they are a part of God, they will be in His kingdom. I believe we will see our beloved pets, along with friends and family, once we are in Heaven.
    May God’s peace rest on all who lose their loved ones to Heaven.

    1. Jennifer Robin says:

      Thank you Michael for your words of empathy.

  4. Margie says:

    If animals arent in heaven, I’m very glad I had the pleasure to have them on earth, but I’d love to be reunited with my little fur babies. I love them so much and I thank god for them.

  5. Sharie Hicks says:

    That gives me peace of mind. God bless and thank you.

  6. Noel says:

    I believe that pet animals especially dogs is a small taste of god personality. Love unconditional, patient, warm, sincere, caring, fun, affectionate always there. So I know pets do go to heaven. The animals didnt sin we did. Jesus didnt come to save the animals they didn’t sin. Human beings sinned we are the ones who needed saving.

  7. Karl Forman says:

    My wife and I had to send our 8yr old Great Dane “Kalle” on her way 10-4-16. I perceive that there is a special bond that God has allowed for us to have with our pets. The heartache is beyond words. Why would He allow such a deep love and bond with them? I would like to think a connection that deep is too special to be lost for eternity and it is part of His plan for us who have trusted in Him to be reunited one day.

  8. Kathy Edwards says:

    thank you we put our beloved Milo down today

    1. Alex says:

      I am so sorry, I had to also put my English Bulldog down she had Osteosarcoma

  9. Dara Harvey says:

    Animals, like humans, were part of God’s original creation, and it was “very good.” They were not meant to see death any more than Adam and Eve. It’s only because of human sin that they die in the first place. But they are always in God’s hands.

    The Bible does not address this because it focuses on human redemption. God tells us only what he wants us to know now. If he did not intend animals to die in the first place, why should they forfeit their eternal existence due to human sin? God created them and can choose to dispose of them. But as part of his original creation (before death entered the world), unless he changed his mind and decided they should not live forever, I see no reason to doubt that they go to Heaven.

    1. Jeanette says:

      Dara, I want to thank you for your truly beautiful and wise post. It touches my heart because your words carry all of the solace and wisdom of The Truth, God’s eternal Truth. Bless you.