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I really thought my boyfriend loved me, but now he's gone back to living with his old girlfriend, and it's breaking my heart. How can I win him back? Would God hear me if I really prayed that we'd get back together?


Let me respectfully suggest that the first prayer you ought to be making is one of thanksgiving—that is, sincere gratitude to God for delivering you from what was almost certainly going to bring you great heartache and hurt. His behavior clearly indicates that he is interested only in himself, and even if he came back to you, your relationship would not be stable or lasting.

Down inside we all have a yearning to be loved—and that’s not necessarily wrong, because God made us this way. But listen: That yearning can easily lead us astray. It can make us susceptible to wrong or unwise relationships, and even tempt us to do things that are morally wrong. This is why I urge you to set your standards high—and stick to them.

But the most important thing I can urge you to do is to put your future—and your whole life—into God’s hands. God knows all about you; He knows your needs, and He also knows your weaknesses. But God also loves you; He loves you so much that Jesus Christ was willing to die for you. And because Christ loves you, you can commit your life to Him and trust Him for your future.

Commit your life to Christ and seek God’s will for your future—including His will for the person you’ll marry. Remember: God’s way is always best. Why be satisfied with anything less? The Bible says, “As for God, his way is perfect: the Lord’s word is flawless” (2 Samuel 22:31).

How much does God love you? Find out.