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Why doesn't God talk to us today like He talked to people back in Bible times? I admit I struggle with doubts, and it would be great if God spoke to me in a voice I could actually hear.


Let me ask you a question: Even if you heard a voice claiming to be God, how would you know it actually was Him? How would you know your mind wasn’t playing tricks, or that someone wasn’t simply fooling you with a hidden speaker? The answer is, you probably wouldn’t.

But listen: God does speak to us today, not in an audible voice, but in written words — the words of the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word, given to us so we can know Him and discover how He wants us to live. He also gave it to us so we can have hope — hope of God’s forgiveness, and hope for His presence with us, both now and forever. The Bible’s words are true: “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him” (Proverbs 30:5).

Most of all, the Bible points us to Jesus Christ, who came from Heaven to demonstrate God’s love for us. He did this by living a life of compassion and perfection — and He did it most of all by giving His life as the perfect and final sacrifice for our sins. We know this is true, because He did something no one else could do: He rose from the dead, by the power of God.

Make the Bible part of your life, asking God to speak to you through its pages. Then respond to His Word by giving your life to Christ. When you do, doubts will flee and faith will prosper.

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  1. Steve says:

    I feel God should some how talk to us. The bible talks of having a relationship with Him. I have two daughters. If I never spoke to them or some how communicated with them over the years, what kind of relationship would I have with them. I feel when I pray to God or just try talking to Him while driving in my car, it’s like what use is this? I never feel anything or hear from Him. I feel like I could just talk to a pebble on the sidewalk and get the same response. I get very depressed and sometimes don’t even feel like living anymore.

    1. BGEA says:

      Steve, thanks for your comment. We have passed it on so that someone from our team can get back to you as soon as possible.

  2. Justin says:

    I don’t think you have to read or have outstanding faith. But I do think you need to have some and read at least a little. Now God does talk to us. The problem is that we need to learn how he speaks to us individually. It’s not the same for everyone. Ask yourself this… Do you think you could hold a conversation with the almighty God. It would overwhelm you. So he gives you a little bit. God speaks to me thru dreams and short sentences. I would say prayer is probably the best way to hear God talk to you.

  3. codelle says:

    I really don’t understand what stops God from speaking with us… Maybe from a burning bush or maybe sending an angel to speak to us in a dream. Life would be so much easier. Right now iv got to read my Bible and find something that relates to what I’m going through and imagine that that’s what God wants me to know. It’s really frustrating.

  4. brad quesinberry says:

    I have 3 boys, ages 7, 5, 2. The question was asked by my 7 year old, “Why doesn’t God talk back to us when we talk to Him? I know that God does speak to us through the bible. I would like to provide their little minds a more illustrated answer. I push hard for them to always believe, no matter what. Sometimes they amaze me at what they already know about the bible.

    1. peter says:

      He will talk to you..just ask but be patient and obedient..

  5. James says:

    I feel really bad saying this, as someone who has what I have always thought of as unshakeable faith, but recently I have begun to feel a real struggle. Not that I am becoming atheistic, but rather I am slowly beginning to come to terms with the possible reality that G-d may not be what we understand Him to be. Humanity could well be, for lack of a better explanation, a failed terraforming experiment by another race. Evolution certainly doesn’t offer a plausible explanation, and though I choose to continue to believe in my heart, the truth is that it’s just blind faith anymore. That’s a place of extreme loneliness, one that I cannot understand why a loving G-d would consign His own people to.

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi James,
      Please consider talking with a member of our team: or talk with a close, Christian friend as you work out your faith in Jesus.

    2. James says:

      @BGEA, thanks. actually, it’s not really my faith that is waning. As I was trying to say, I don’t think I could really reject my faith in God if I wanted to. What I am saying though is that I find myself going through motions but no longer believing they serve any real purpose, other than perhaps to enrich my own spiritual life experience. I don’t believe that we gather to worship (certainly we shouldn’t anyway) as some sort of “payment” for G-d’s favor; we do it to honor Him. There still is that presumption though that He hears it. I guess that is where my belief is fading.

    3. BGEA says:

      Thank you for your honesty, James. If we’re receiving your message correctly, it almost sounds like you’re leaning too much on emotions/feelings. As Billy Graham encourages in this My Answer post, build your faith on facts, not on feelings. God’s promises, found in His Word, never fail. He hears us when we cry out, and that connection to our Heavenly Father is our key to life. We would challenge you this month to really make getting in God’s Word a priority. Give it an honest effort. Set aside distractions and focus solely on reading your Bible and praying. Ask God to open your eyes, your heart. We are praying God will reveal Himself to you in a mighty way.

    4. Sharon says:

      I believe God spoke to me once. A long story short, we had received military orders of a transfer. It was the worst possible time to move. I was devastated. I prayed and prayed for us not to move. At one point, I was sobbing and I felt an incredible peace come over me and I knew we weren’t moving. I can’t explain it but I knew without a doubt my prayers had been answered. A few weeks later, my husband hung up the phone and told me his orders had been changed and we weren’t moving! Anytime I ever have doubts, I remember that experience. God does hear us.

    5. peter says:

      Don’t give up James. That’s exactly what Satan wants you to do is to give up hope.

  6. Matthew says:

    If God spoke to us audibly, then we could be certain it is Him. Ask a question inside, go outside, see if you hear an answer. To verify your mind isn’t playing tricks on you then you could do it with a person.

    God has the power to create trillions of mega stars that are each thousands of times larger than our Sun, but He cannot have a conversation with you and I?

    When it comes to intimate, personal relationship with us, speaking with us like we speak out to Him, God has the way. He simply does not have the will.

    1. Ronnie says:

      Hey Matthew, I feel you, but reality is, God has the will, I have read the second book of Ezra, and the Hamas the Shepherd, both are not in the bible, It turned out that the Creator decided not to show himself or send any visible angel to men due to their constant rejecting and ignorance of his Law. Now, you may say, what does this have to do with me? it was thousand of years ago, Reality is, We DO NOT seek the Creator, we think we are, but sincerely, we are not. Those who seek, do find him. So, my advice to you, is seek Him in spirit and truth.

  7. Chuck says:

    I have been a Christian for 37 years now. I will serve Him even if He never speaks to me. BUT, it sure would be nice to have more frequent communication from Him. Imagine if we never spoke to our kids directly? I know He uses the Word, the Holy Spirit, nature, etc. Why won’t He speak? It can be maddening at times. His ways are mysterious and often frustrating. I am blessed beyond measure with good health, great family, great job, etc. But I want to speak/have a two way conversation with my Heavenly Father, not just reap His benefits! What if all I did was shower my kids with gifts, but never talked to them? I wish He would speak. Jesus has been gone over 2,000 years now. I know He’s coming back, but this is a long separation.

  8. Frank says:

    Is there a biblical answer to the above original question or just one’s faith in the bible? Why doesn’t God speak to us today? I have read the bible for years and the method you mentioned has not worked all the time. Besides; some people feel abandoned. Does a Godly father leave when the going gets tough? Yes .. the bible says no.. but the absence of presence says yes!

  9. Helen Coggins says:

    God spoke to me once. He did not speak to me because of my disbelief but BECAUSE OF MY BELIEF and desire to do His will that day. He had a specific task, which I already figured out, but He made it clear in 3 words to do it. I heard, saw, and felt His words. I have finally come to the place in my faith where I often ask God to show me what I need to do for Him, especially at my job as a nurse. I see a constant flow of people over 2 week periods to help them with physical problems. Sometimes God shows me that they have spiritual needs that are greater. I have learned to “listen” for clues and follow through with the leading of HIs Spirit, but on that day He chose for some reason to speak. He said, “Pray with her!”, I am still amazed.!

  10. colin williams says:

    Far easier to simply speak surely?
    Ate you suggesting that god cannot make himself heard?
    Jesus dismissed some scripture (eg healing on the Sabbath) so be careful.not to hold to closely to the bible.

    1. Tim says:

      I believe you are mistaken. Jesus never dismissed Scripture, He only dismissed the Pharisees man-made rules about how to follow scripture. If you still hold that Jesus disobeyed Scripture, please provide a reference to an Old Testament verse that prohibits healing on the Sabbath. I know of none.
      Jesus said:
      “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them” (Matthew 5:17, NIV).

      The danger of ignoring (or misapplying) Scripture is that without that basis for truth, we are lost without a map. Yes, we can make observations, but all of us (myself included) are biased. We will invariably pick a moral system built around our preferences. That’s why God gave us the Bible.