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Why can't I ever seem to stay close to God? Sometimes I feel very near to Jesus, but then the feeling fades and He seems like He's very far away. Why is my spiritual life so shaky?


I receive many letters like yours because, unfortunately, many people seem to be on a spiritual roller coaster in their relationship with God. But God doesn’t want our relationship with Him to be like this, and He has provided us with everything we need to grow closer to Him every day.

Let me use an illustration to explain this. Elsewhere in your letter, you mention that you are happily married. Have you ever asked yourself why your relationship with your wife is so stable and fulfilling? One reason, I suspect, is because you take time to be together, talking and listening to each other and in general just enjoying each other’s company. If you never took time to be with each other, your love would almost certainly fade. The same is true with God. God loves us and wants us to spend time with Him every day. When we do, our relationship with Him will grow stronger. Take time to read and meditate on God’s Word, the Bible, and take time to pray, as well. A daily time alone with God–even if it’s only a few minutes at first–is the secret of a stable, fulfilling Christian life.

Make your prayer that of the Psalmist: “O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you” (Psalm 63:1). Then set aside time to be alone with Christ every day and your relationship with Him will grow.

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  1. Carol ferland says:

    Jesus is my salvation.

  2. Alexandra van Niekerk says:

    Please, need a daily devotion.

  3. Amanda Twune says:

    I love Jesus

  4. nathan mwendwa says:

    Am inspired.. Would like to be closer to God since sometimes I just feel like he can’t hear my prayers

  5. Peter Chua says:

    Your illustration opened my eyes, especially that we have to set a daily time with God, even if it is only a few minutes each day! Thank you very much.

  6. queenie antonio says:

    i just want to receive daily reminders as a guide since im “losing” myself sometimes,and i want to stay closer to God as well

  7. Harrison Ekpo says:

    Thank you very much. Please I will need daily post if possible. I have swayed away from God for so long. And now I need to be closer.

  8. Curt says:

    Thank God even when you don’t want to. Praise him for the good and the bad things that happen to you. There are always reasons that only he understands. Know that the struggles of this life are temporary, we have all eternity to be free from trials and tribulations and to experience Joy and Peace with Jesus Christ!

    1. Shay N says:

      Amen!! I so needed to read this. I have to remember

    2. Nick says:

      Thank you for this!

  9. Augustine Obim says:

    I’ve left God somewhere, but I wanna go back fully to him, pls help me Luv my Father again nd to build my Faith in him stronger….I Love Jesus!

    1. Deanna says:

      The key is simple… Matthew 6:33
      Seek him whole heartedly ..

  10. Acquanetta says:

    This Information was very Informative, and I enjoyed reading It. It will help me to continue with my long life relationship with GOD.