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Where was the Garden of Eden located? Or was it just a symbol for the place where the human race began? Do you think we'll ever discover the Garden of Eden and maybe live in a perfect environment like Adam and Eve did?


The Garden of Eden is not just a symbol; the Bible tells us it was a real place, just as real as Adam and Eve were. Its exact location is not known, however, although it apparently was somewhere in the Middle East.

The opening chapters of the Bible tell us that the Garden of Eden was perfect, a place given by God to Adam and Eve so that their every need would be met. But listen: The reason it was perfect was because sin had not yet entered the world. When Adam and Eve listened to Satan and turned against God, however, then sin entered the world and their perfect Garden was no longer perfect. God banished them from the Garden, never to return.

Since that time, the human race has been searching for the peace and perfection the Garden of Eden provided but without success. The reason is because sin, like a deadly cancer, has ravaged our world and our hearts. That’s why this world is not perfect and never will be. As Jesus warned, “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33).

But listen: This is not the end of the story! Christ came to conquer sin and death and hell and some day He will return to banish them completely. Is your hope in Him, and in the perfect heaven that He promises His followers?