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What is your definition of bad language? My wife gets after me for some of the language I use (which she says is blasphemous), but I don't mean anything by it. Besides that, what used to be called "bad language" is so common today that no one even thinks about it, so what's the big deal?


You’re right about one thing: what used to be called “bad language” (or even “blasphemy”) has become so common today that many don’t even think about it. (“Blasphemy” is usually defined as any use of the name of God or Jesus in a disrespectful or insulting way.)

But does this make it right in God’s eyes? No, it doesn’t — and the reason is because it reveals exactly what we think about God. You’re right: Most people don’t even think about it when they use God’s name in a casual way; you’re apparently one of them. But that’s the problem: God isn’t important to you, and your language reflects this. Would you speak about someone you love (such as your wife) in this way? No, of course not. One of the Ten Commandments states, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God” (Exodus 20:7).

I pray you won’t only clean up your language, but that you’ll also face honestly your need of God. You need His forgiveness, wisdom and help every day. More than that, you need His salvation, for some day you will face Him, and ahead of you will be eternity — either in heaven’s joy forever, or in that place of absolute despair the Bible calls hell.

Make a new start today by committing yourself to Jesus Christ. Then make Him the center of your life — and your family.