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What do you think is the greatest need in our churches today? Do you think it's better preaching, new styles of worship, more youth work, or what? I'm on the board of our church, and we've been debating this recently.


I’m convinced that the single greatest need in most churches today is spiritual revival–for a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ and a greater desire to do His will, regardless of the cost.

How does this happen? It must begin with an awareness of our spiritual poverty–an acknowledgment of our sin and our emptiness before God. It is no accident that Jesus’ first words in the Sermon on the Mount dealt with this truth: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). This must lead us to confession and repentance, asking God to forgive us and turn our hearts toward Him.

Spiritual revival also means seeing the world the way God sees it, with all of its brokenness and rebellion and heartache–and then asking God to use us to touch it for Christ. When we are concerned only for ourselves, our lives and our churches will grow cold and stagnate–but when we become burdened over a world that has lost its way, then God can begin to use us.

Spiritual revival cannot be manufactured or created by our own efforts; only the Holy Spirit can bring true revival to our hearts. But we can pray for revival, and we can ask God to remove anything in our lives that would create a barrier to God’s work. May the ancient prayer of Habakkuk become yours: “O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years” (Habakkuk 3:2, KJV).

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  1. Rev Dudu Fortune Bogatsu says:

    The need for revival and touching people for Christ in the way Christ instructed us to, in love (without judgement, taking care of the needy, the poor, orphans and widows) in unity, is a way pleasing to the Lord,and is probably, as you correctly put it, the greatest need of the Church today. This, done perfectly according to God’s perfect will, should cleanse us of all unrighetousness, making us the pure bride of Christ. Thank you Daddy Billy Graham, my late mother’s mentor, who relentlessly preached so dynamically about the Love of God! Oh how beautiful it is to be in the Lord’s presence hearing the Word of God like that! Thank you for your great contribution to the Body of Christ..

  2. Bradley Hinson says:

    As a student of the Billy Graham School of Evangelism Online, I vividly remember an except from the BGEA audio archives. The sermon was titled ‘The Climax of History’. Billy Graham once said that the greatest need in the (American) church today is for Christians to be Christians. For the Christian to have a monumental depth in their commitment to Christ in 100% surrender to Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Many Christians today are still straddling the fence, trying to have one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom. Christ does not offer such ‘cheap salvation’.

  3. Toa Lutu says:

    Thank you Pastor Billy Graham for that beautiful thought from the Mount of Blessing.
    God bless you. Pastor Toa Lutu