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I've always been an optimistic person, believing we can solve our differences and create a better, more peaceful world. But frankly it's been harder for me to think this way recently. Will we ever see true world peace?


From time to time, the world may experience periods of peace—and we certainly should pray for these (and for our leaders). Othniel was one of ancient Israel’s wisest judges (or rulers), and the Bible says the nation had 40 years of peace as a result (see Judges 3:11).

But the world has never known lasting peace, and both history and the Bible warn us that it never will—not until Christ comes again to establish His perfect rule of peace and justice over the whole earth. In fact, Jesus warned that as the end of this present age approaches, there may be even greater periods of conflict and war. He declared, “When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen” (Mark 13:7).

What is the problem? The problem isn’t just political conflict, economic inequality, or social unrest (although all may play a part). The real problem is deeper than this; it’s the problem of the human heart. Where, after all, does greed come from? Or the lust for power? Or anger, or racial pride, or anything else that people use as an excuse for war? They come from within our own hearts and minds.

This is why we need Christ, for only He can change our hearts and give us love for others. Has this happened to you? Turn your life over to Jesus Christ, and then ask Him to help you bring His peace to those around you—and to our world.