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I have a wonderful wife who has been willing to set aside her career to raise our children, as long as I provide what we need. The problem is that her definition of need and mine are quite different. My wife feels the peer pressure of keeping up with others who enjoy a two-income household. She passes along her pressure for me to earn more and I am learning what it means to "keep up with the Joneses." Am I wrong to insist that we live within our means instead of being a slave to a higher lifestyle and having what my wife calls a "little heaven on earth"?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Someone has said, “A man’s wealth consists not in the abundance of his possessions, but in the fewness of his wants.” We have confused needs with wants.

Heaven in this life and heaven in the life to come are not on a monetary standard. Nor can flesh and blood find the door to the kingdom of heaven with its peace, joy and happiness. Only those who are rich toward God will experience true contentment.

Marriage is the most serious, long-term contract a couple will make in their lifetime, but many enter into it with a lack of maturity and knowledge.

When a husband and wife are concerned only about their own individual desires, the stage is set for conflict. The Bible warns that money cannot buy happiness. Money cannot buy true pleasure. Money cannot buy peace of heart and contentment. Today many couples put their hopes in materialism as the marker for success.

What is the answer? Turn to the Lord with everything that concerns your marriage. Husbands and wives will find answers if they both place their trust in the Lord and at the center of their marriage—and pray about everything, that the Lord will lead your minds to be one.

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

Find peace and contentment in Christ. Pray now.