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My parents always told me when I was growing up not to believe everything I read, and I don't. So why should I believe what some preacher says, or even what the Bible says? Maybe it's all just a myth.


Have you ever actually read the Bible for yourself? I would encourage you to do this — because if you do, it will convince you that the Bible isn’t a myth.

Why do I say this? One reason is because it tells about real people — people who actually lived, and who had the same experiences we have today. Although they lived thousands of years ago, we can understand their fears and hopes — because we have them, too. These aren’t stories someone made up (unlike many other ancient books); they have the ring of truth to them, because they deal with real people who faced real problems.

Another reason we can trust the Bible is because it was written by people who actually witnessed what happened, and wrote it down so future generations could know about those events. As one of its writers stated, “We did not follow cleverly invented stories … but we were eyewitnesses” (2 Peter 1:16).

But the main reason I urge you to discover the Bible for yourself is because it points us to the most important event in human history: the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that Jesus was more than just another religious teacher; He was God in human flesh. It tells us also that He came to make our forgiveness possible, and to bring us back to God. Don’t be afraid to open your life to Him, for when you do “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).