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My life has been one disaster after the other the last few years, mostly because of some dumb decisions I've made. Do you think God is trying to get my attention? I didn't come from a religious family, so I don't know anything about God.


Yes, I believe God is trying to get your attention. In fact, God is always trying to get our attention–but sometimes we won’t listen until we have to pass through times of hardship or pain.

But why is He trying to get your attention? The reason is because He loves you, and He doesn’t want you to go through life simply drifting from one crisis to another. Instead, He wants you to build your life on a solid foundation–the foundation of His truth. If God didn’t love you, He wouldn’t bother trying to get your attention. But he does love you, and I pray you will listen to what He wants to say to you.

What is He saying? First, He wants you to realize that you need Him. You need God’s forgiveness, and you need His guidance and direction in life. More than that, you need Him for eternity. You were not made just for this life–you were made for eternity, and God wants you to be with Him forever in heaven.

Second, God wants you to realize that He loves you, and His Son, Jesus, came into the world to bridge the gap between you and God. The Bible says, “For Christ died for sins once for all … to bring you to God” (1 Peter 3:18). Ask Christ to come into your life, and then ask God every day to help you learn to be His follower.