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Maybe no one else has this problem, but after the holidays I always get kind of depressed. It doesn't make sense because we have a close-knit family and I always enjoy Christmas, but afterward I always feel this big letdown. Why is this?


You aren’t alone; I suspect many who are reading this have had a similar experience. Christmas is a very busy time for many people, and it leaves them exhausted — and even wondering if all the busyness was worth it. They also may feel burdened over all the bills they’ll be facing.

Nor is it only at Christmas that this happens; sometimes life’s greatest highs are followed by life’s greatest lows. It happened to the prophet Elijah; shortly after his great victory over the prophets of Ba’al on Mt. Carmel, he fled in despair into the wilderness. He prayed, “I have had enough, Lord…. Take my life” (1 Kings 19:4). But God didn’t do this; instead, He assured Elijah that He still had work for him to do. He also refreshed him with rest and food.

If the holidays have been particularly busy for you, take time to get some rest — and don’t feel guilty over it! Jesus needed times of rest, and so do we. In addition, take time to plan for next year; if you did too much this year, decide what can be trimmed from your schedule next year.

The most important thing you can do, however, is to pause and let the true meaning of Christmas refresh your soul. Christmas should be more than gifts or parties or times with family. At Christmas, we remember God’s love for us — love so great that He sent His Son into the world for our salvation. Let His love fill your heart throughout this holiday season.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Seems like the day after Christmas I feel so empty. It’s as if the world has ushered out The Spirit in a rush to push the New Year in and Jesus is forgotten for yet another year or until the next crisis hits. It’s during this time I put on the praise and worship music and crank it up!!! Praising our Lord always lifts my spirit!

  2. Jack says:

    When we live in the Fast lane of life, We have more problems, It is best to go slower with caution, We will have more time, For rest, and yes PRAY, JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR, Gave us an example, HE TOOK TIME TO REST AND PRAY, That we also would have peace in our life, PRAISE and BLESS HIS BIRTHDAY, THANK GOD FOR GIVEN HIM TO US, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY,

  3. Dottie Powell says:

    I too fight depressionat this special time of year. I am single and live alone except for my pets.My mother lives with my sister not too far away, so I go there quite abit and spend Holidays with them.But I am most thankful for my Lord and Saviour.Without Him I would be nothing

  4. Peggy Swanson says:

    I believe that we Christians must stand strong in these troubled times. Reverand Graham is so right, too, in saying that rest is very important at this hectic time of year! We must learn to relax when we can and revel in the beauty of Christmas.

  5. Karla Mull says:

    Christmas is meant to celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I am struggling with depression since I have no family (my parents and my husband have passed on) I am trying to remain focused on others at this season and not so much myself, but I must admit that spending Christmas with family would be wonderful…

  6. Paul R Porter says:

    Its grat to hear God’s love;Christ bearing our sins on Calvarys Crossand “by grace are you saved through faith [in Him]

  7. Bonnie Cruickshank says:

    We don’t get any holidays with our family until the end of Dec. Our children are busy with parties and in-laws. One non-Christian daughter-in-law works every holiday because of the tremendous pay. So it is just me and my husband and I am totally disabled with multiple health problems. Holidays are never happy. I’ve been in my bed for 9 years now and each year gets worse. I feel nothing anymore. I can’t do the cooking, baking and decorating I used to love to do. Now I just lay in bed. How in the world can I find the meaning of Christmas? Without health, you have nothing except tears and hurt feelings.

    1. Bonita Baker says:

      Bonnie-I understand your despair and depression at this time of year. I have 3 grown children that have gone their own way, along with all the grandchildren, except a 9 year old that we raise. She has mental and emotional problems, my husband has multiple health problems and so do I. It is my prayer that God will touch you this season in a way that you never felt possible. I know your desperation because I am at that point myself right now. I pray that all those who are battling the devil of depression rise up and tell Satan, “no more will I be shackled by the things that you try to use to bind and hinder me. I am a child of God and will not be tormented and deceived by your ploys”. May God bless each and everyone that is in this situation and may you see the glory of His presence and rise up and praise Him for His unending and unconditional love.