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I know this isn't unusual, but my husband doesn't have any interest in church. He doesn't mind if the children and I go, but he refuses to come with us. How can I explain this to them, without sounding like I'm tearing down their father?


You mention elsewhere that your children are still young, so I suggest you not raise this with them until they bring it up (as they will eventually). By then, they may realize that some of their friends face the same situation, and this could help them accept it.

If they do raise the issue, you probably don’t need to go into great detail, but simply explain that at present their father doesn’t wish to participate in the activities of your church. More likely, however, they’ll ask him instead of you (or at least in addition to you), and I hope you can encourage him in advance not to discourage them from going to church. If your children have become involved in the church’s youth group, choir, or other activity, they’ll be less likely to follow his example.

If they are active in some way, from time to time they may be participating in some special program — a concert, Christmas program, ball game, etc. This would give you (and them) a reason to invite him to the church, and might help break down his resistance.

The real question, however, is this: Why is he opposed to attending church? Is it because he doesn’t want anything to do with God? Whatever his reasons (or excuses), pray for him, that God will open his heart and mind to Christ. Pray for yourself, as well, that both your husband and your children will see Christ in you. The Bible says, “In everything set them an example” (Titus 2:7).

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  1. Sandy says:

    At first my husband did not even want our children to say Grace at the table. It did not bother him that I told Bible stories at the table though. I went to Bible studies and church mostly alone, but I believed The Word when it says that a woman by her behavior, living forChrist, will help lead her husband to the Truth. I used prayer for my husband to know Christ, for me to be a better wife in Christ, and asked for help in loving my husband as Christ loves him. My husband did get saved. The Holy Spirit opened his eyes, but in God Almighty’s time. I was also allowed to lead my youngest son to The Lord who in turn lead his wife and children. I have my eldest son who is stubborn as his father was, but his wife is saved. GB u.

  2. Suzanne says:

    My Grandmother prayed every day for 45 yrs. for her husband to go to church and he finally did. He became a saved born again Christian, church trustee, and usher. I know it’s hard but try and have patients. I also have a father who has never gone to church and I am praying for him today. Don’t give up and have faith and trust in the Lord. I wish you the best and May God Bless You and Your Family,