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I started reading the Bible a few weeks ago, but I got bogged down and finally put it aside. What was I doing wrong? Is the Bible just for a few special people who have spiritual insight?


No, the Bible isn’t just for a few special people but for everyone! God gave it to us, and He wants to speak to every one of us through its pages. This can happen if we approach it in the right way.

How can the Bible come alive for you? First, come to it with an open heart, asking God to remove any sins that would block its message, and help you to be open to what He wants to tell you. Every time you open the Bible, first ask God to help you understand what you’ll be reading. Let Samuel’s prayer become yours: “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:9).

Then come to the Bible with an open mind, asking God to help you understand what it says. Learn to ask questions as you read, such as: “What is happening in this passage? What does it tell me about God, or Jesus, or my spiritual needs? What does it say about how I should live, or what I should believe? What difference should this passage make in my life?” (Incidentally, I suggest you begin by reading one of the Gospels, such as John, instead of trying to start at the very beginning of the Bible.)

Finally, come to the Bible with an open will, asking God to help you apply its truth to your life. God wants to change us, and He’ll use the Bible to do this. The Bible says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” (James 1:22).

Find peace with God today.