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I've prayed and prayed for God to help me with my financial problems, but nothing happens. I was convinced He'd help me win the latest Powerball lottery but He didn't. What am I doing wrong?


I don’t know your situation, of course—but I can’t help but wonder how you think God ought to go about solving your financial problems. Do you think He should give you a sudden windfall (such as an unexpected inheritance or a lottery payoff)? Do you think He ought to make your creditors cancel your debts? What exactly do you hope He’ll do?

I ask this because often, I’ve found, people expect God to answer their prayers in ways that simply aren’t realistic or according to His will. Nowhere in the Bible, for example, does God promise to bless us through gambling or games of chance. Nor does God promise to intervene if we get into debt because of our own greed or foolishness. The Bible warns that “A greedy man brings trouble to his family” (Proverbs 15:27).

Does this mean that God doesn’t want to help you? No, not at all—but He may do it in practical ways you’ve been overlooking. Do you have a budget? Is it realistic, and are you following it? The first thing you need to do is get a tight grip on your expenses. Then ask God to give you wisdom about paying back the debts you owe; your community may have a non-profit financial counseling service that can help you.

Most of all, rebuild your life on Jesus Christ. Money isn’t everything—but it can destroy us if we aren’t careful. Put Christ first in your life, and then ask Him to help you be a faithful steward of everything He gives you.

Have you put Christ first in your life? Begin your journey with Him today.

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  1. ADA THACKER says:


  2. Leigh Booker says:

    What a wonderful refresher of respecting God’s word and wisdom for our finances. Our wealth that is found, maintained, and/or generated in the Wisdom of God is a wealth of wisdom and provision! And God be glorified. Thank you beloved Evangelist Graham

  3. Debbie says:

    I too had financial challenges…God is showing me how to manage a small amount of money so when HE gives me my financial breakthrough I will know how to manage it.

  4. angela m scroggins says:


  5. realito M. sapallo says:

    that’s true, put first GOD in our hearts, and live according to his will

  6. Stephen Sarite says:

    How to bring back what I loved most my family which we separated for the last five years due to my financial status, am seeking prayers on two key issue
    1. My family life problems

  7. Oluwafunmilayo says:

    Praise God.

  8. lisa says:

    In 2 years, I’ve survived layoffs which have cost me approx. $6 per hour loss of income. My bills however have not suffered a decrease. I have trimmed all the extras, no cable, no internet, just keeping the basics. Moved to a cheaper home, drive a 15 year old truck and I am still struggling. The stress has taken a toll on my health and I don’t know where else to cut costs. The job market is terrible and although I am qualified in my field my age and weight are a deterrent tho they shouldn’t be. I sincerely appreciate prayers for guidance right now. I’m feeling very confused and overwhelmed about everything these days. Staying focused on God is hard on those days when I am overwhelmed. .

  9. yvette says:

    I believe god help those who help themselves and give instead of receiving. And those who live by the lords word.

  10. mthokozisi says:

    i've made a few mistakes in past and got myself in debts i can nolonger pay back, i ask you to pray for me get a proper job , so i can repay my loan, i ask this in jesus name aman.