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Is there any way I can know—really know—that I am going to go to heaven when I die? I believe in Jesus and have given my life to Him, but I still can't say that I know beyond doubt that I'll go to heaven.


Imagine for a moment that you owed the bank an enormous amount of money—far beyond your ability to repay, even in the best of times. Even if you worked hard the rest of your life, you knew you’d never be able to earn enough to pay this debt—and yet it had to be repaid or you’d lose everything.

Seemingly, your situation was hopeless.

But then suppose the banker’s son came along and befriended you—and not only that, but he offered to pay the debt for you. Would you accept his offer? Of course you would—and if you did, the debt would be canceled forever, and you’d be free from your fears of ever losing your possessions.

This is somewhat similar to what Jesus Christ did for you. You owed God a debt far greater than you could ever repay—a debt caused by sin. And no matter how good you were or how hard you tried, you could never be good enough to erase that debt. But Jesus Christ, the Son of God, did it for you! By His death on the cross He paid the price for our redemption, and now our sins are forgiven—completely!

The Bible says, “God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins” (Colossians 2:13). Remember: If you have trusted Christ, He has made you a member of His family forever—and nothing can ever change that. Thank Him right now for His love for you—a love that will never end and will carry you to eternal life in heaven.

Have you put your trust in Christ? Be sure of eternity with Him in heaven by committing your life to Him today.

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  1. grace sanders says:

    I need this to help me to grow with christ

  2. Diane Garland says:

    I am currently trying to obtain all the knowledge i can possibly learn from Bible studies on TV an I absolutely love the teachings about our Father and .Jesus. Its wonderful and I feel so good to follow the words of God. My life has truly changed

  3. Pablo Duran says:


  4. vallance murray says:

    I am a firm believer in Jesus and that He died for our sins,,that’s why when we as humans ,especially Christians,,feel it the hardest when things go bad,,but the pain we feeling is is the punishment that Jesus took,,and if we beieve in Him through faith,,He wil heal our wound and our sins are forgiven,,But,when a person sins against the Holy spirit once its working through or in you,,that’s those sins that happens in the deepest corners of our souls,,that only us and God knows,,that doesn’t just get forgiven,,,its a matter between U and Maker to help U clear that,,,if u admit and ask God to forgive u,,all Our day to day sins is forgiven!!.but if your heart and soul…doesn’t Get set free By God Himself,,,it doesn’t mean anything,,.Pray pray

  5. Kathleen kavanagh says:

    Thank you so much for your explanation of heaven it has made my day God bless

  6. Amos Martinez says:

    Salvation is available to those who repent and confess with their mind and believe in their heart that God raised Jesus from the dead because His will is that none perish for He loves all. (See II Pe. 3:9, Ro. 10:9 and John 3:16).

  7. Mary Martyna says:

    I do believe in Christ and I trust what he has promised us.Sometimes I don’t feel I will be accepted because of me not being the person I should be. I still have my friends that I have had. They know how I feel about Christ but I feel that maybe they might one day accept him there selves. I cussed real bad and I tried for a long time to quit. Prayed about it. One day I realized I didn’t cuss anymore. Don’t even know exactly when it happened but I know it didn’t happen on its own. I had his help. I am very mad at myself for not walking his walk that I feel very down that I disappoint him. I was watching a Bible study everyday and just quit because of me. I don’t pray right. I’m always praying for help for other people and not thanking him.

  8. francine porteous says:

    i love the Lord because he first Love still living healed from stage four colon Cancer.

  9. edie deaton says:

    does col 2:13 say past present & future cause when I sin I feel so guilty I have to ask forgiveness

  10. Gloria says:

    I’m learning everyday how to conect with god & readin these messages really helps me to understand thank u god for the pastors & godly peoples that does this 4 me