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I respect the Bible and I suppose it has things to teach us, but isn't it kind of out of date, since it talks about people who lived a very long time ago? At least that's what it seems to me whenever I've tried to read it.


I’m thankful you’ve at least tried to read the Bible, even if it hasn’t meant much to you so far. Too many people, I’m afraid, dismiss the Bible without ever opening it—and as a result they miss the greatest message anyone can ever discover.

Yes, the Bible does speak of people and events from long ago, and you may wonder what they possibly could mean to us today. But this doesn’t make the Bible outdated—not at all! The reason is because the Bible tells us about things that are eternal and will never change. It tells us first of all about God, who never changes. From the first verse in Genesis to the final verse in Revelation, God reveals to us what He is like and what He has done for us because of His love.

The Bible also tells us about human nature—and that too never changes. In some ways we may know more than people who lived thousands of years ago—but in our hearts we’re still the same. And just as they needed God, so we too need Him.

Most of all, the Bible tells us about Jesus Christ, who came from Heaven to save us from our sins and give us hope and new life. Begin your journey of faith today by asking Him to come into your life. You’ll be glad you did, because “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

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