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The Bible is generally a respected book but how can it really make an impact today?


From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

As someone has said, “The Bible was not written to encourage people to take an interest in the affairs of this life. It assumes that they already have more than their share of interest in the things of this world.” The Bible encourages man to see his worldly affairs in the light of the greater value of spiritual things.

The Bible teaches that we are to perform our daily tasks and take pride in performing them well. We’re given certain work to do, and those who claim to be Christians are taught not only to labor but to labor to the best of their ability.

The Christian ideal certainly does not demand that a person renounce all interest in the affairs of this life; but rather that we seek God’s guidance in performing our daily work to the best of our ability and that we keep both our work and our ambitions in subordination to the Lord at all times. We find that Christ offers help in our daily living here on earth. He inspires us in our talents, helps us in our work and blesses us as we enjoy all that He has given.

The world’s greatest writers have been inspired by Jesus; the greatest artists, musicians, and sculptors have also been illumined by Him. Leaders from the world of business have written books about leadership skills they have learned from Scripture. World leaders have quoted from the Bible in the most memorable speeches recorded.

God’s book is filled with promises, and, unlike the books of men, it does not change or get out of date. Each of us has our reference point and as Christians the reference point by which to measure life and thought is the Bible.

(This column is based on the words and writings of the late Rev. Billy Graham.)

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