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Is it wrong to get angry at God? I've been through some very hard times recently and I feel like God has let me down. I'd like to get past this, I guess, but right now I can't help feeling angry at God.


The real question is this: Will God get angry at you if you get angry at Him, and refuse to have anything more to do with you? The answer is “No”! Even when we’re angry at Him, He still loves us and yearns for us to turn to Him for the comfort and encouragement we need. And that’s what I pray you will do.

Do you remember the prophet Jonah in the Old Testament? Some have called him “the reluctant prophet,” because he tried to flee when God called him to preach to his enemies. Later (after God sent a large fish to stop his flight), he reluctantly obeyed God and preached to his enemies. To his surprise they repented and turned to God. He should have rejoiced – but instead “Jonah was greatly displeased and became angry” (Jonah 4:1). Gently God explained to him that He loved even Jonah’s enemies – and so should Jonah.

What is the point? Simply this: Jonah was angry at God – but God didn’t reject him. Instead, Jonah needed to learn to trust God, even if he didn’t like what was going on. Perhaps this is one of the lessons God wants to teach you.

Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. But God still loves us; He loves us so much that He sent His only Son into the world to die for us. Put your life into Christ’s hands, and then ask God to help you begin to trust Him, no matter what happens to you.

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  1. Jeff Henion says:

    I am angry at God, i am going through a lot and i need prayer.

  2. Cindy Sneed says:

    Thank you, I needed to hear this message today. Lord I trust that you will take of my children

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you needed to hear this – I am in constant physical pain – I do yoga I walk I TRY – I do my part and I have been asking for relief and relief from my financial issues, etc. I have been waiting and asking and asking and today I got mad! The physical pain makes me jumpy all the time so, I finally had a good cry and a pity party and told God I was mad and asked HIM if he was even there?? Then I remember all of the wonderful things HE has done for me, and given me in the past – I was still mad, but I KNOW HE WILL COME THROUGH like always!!

    1. Julia says:

      Rebecca I’ve been there! I would suggest looking into the book healing back pain dr sarno. Also dr Schubiner online program.

  4. Brittany says:

    I did pretty bad stuff in my life. I did drugs. I drank on into demonic stuff to feel numb. I didn’t want to think of anything. But for some reason God called me back to him. I’m mad cause I left my easy life. And going through these trials, I sometimes miss my easy life. Even though I want to go back. But a voice in my heart and mind tells me not to go back. Why am I not leaving him? I’m upset cause I feel God is always breaking me.

  5. Ken says:

    I’ve read the other comments below and I feel so foolish about my problems. My parents are still alive, I have not lost a child or anyone close. Maybe this is God’s way of telling me to enjoy the time I have left with my parents.

  6. peter harlow says:

    i am angry because i feel god has left me to deal with my own battles and it hurts my so i am not sure that i will go to heaven that i have use up the forgivness and think i will go to hell even though i received Christ .

  7. Jolene Cleverly says:

    Am angry too, but WHY? Why do all these things happen to me? Good to know that God still loves me, buy Why doesn’t He do something to help me? I continue to pray and get no answers for what I need. Am I to continue struggling and hurting every day with no answers to my prayers. It is just not fair. I am a good Christian, but still struggle and hurt every day. Does God even hear my prayers?

    1. Asia says:

      I know how you feel. I’ve been through hard times lately and it feels like God doesn’t care, its such a terrible feeling :(. But our emotions can change constantly but His Word will never change. We have to walk by faith, not by sight. He promised to never leave us (Heb 13:5).I will pray for you 🙂

  8. Ashley says:

    Its been three months since I lost my son and I’m so angry. It helps somewhat to know that I won’t be punished for being angry at God right now and I maybe one day I’ll get a healthy baby but I keep thinking to myself why me? I’m a good person. I didn’t deserve to lose my baby.

  9. scott ryan says:

    Thanks. I needed to hear that. I harbor so much anger for my ex wife. My kids were 2 and 4 and we had been married for 20 years. 13 years later it hurts so much still. I get angry at God as bout this. It wasn’t my idea to slit. I carry so much animosity. I feel unworthy of God’s grace.

    1. Rebecca says:

      That is how the enemy wants you to FEEL remember he is the master of deception and he came to kill steal and destroy, you may have your salvation (YOU DO) but he will try and steal your daily life. Forgive and Forget – God does every day!

  10. Rahs says:

    I appreciate the message I really needed to read it. I find myselfbeing very angry with life and I don’t want to be angry with God

    1. krystal says:

      Im happy to hear that God still loves me because i was so so angry with God i thought he took my parents to hurt me my parents died 5 months apart i was so hurt i still am because i had so much hurt in my life i kept asking why God Why and he said to me krystal i didnt want your parents to suffer from the cancer they had they are out of pain