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I know we're supposed to trust God when hard times come, but how can we keep trusting God when nothing seems to change? My husband lost his job two years ago, and it's really been a trying time for us.


Your question points to a very real problem that I suspect we’ve all experienced in one way or another. It’s this: It’s easy to believe that God loves us and cares about us when things are going well, but when life turns against us, it becomes much harder to believe He cares.

Why should we keep trusting in God, even when nothing seems to change, and it looks like He isn’t even listening? One reason is because no matter how many changes have taken place in our lives, God has not changed. The Bible’s statement is true: “I the Lord do not change” (Malachi 3:6).

And if God doesn’t change, then that means His promises don’t change, either. He promised to be with you in the past — and He still is. He promised to guide you in the past — and He still will. Know His promises… study His promises… believe His promises… and trust His promises. In the Bible “he has given us his very great and precious promises” (2 Peter 1:4).

We live in difficult economic times, and we all need to pray for those who are struggling because they have lost their jobs. We also need to pray for our nation’s political and business leaders. But pray especially for your own family, that you won’t get discouraged but will be open to whatever God has for you right now (even job retraining or volunteer work). Don’t let your faith be overcome by your circumstances, but let your circumstances be overcome by your faith.

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  1. chauncey smith says:

    GOD is good and he will never change!!!!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank you all for your reassurance in God answering prayers Praise the Lord for all things.

  3. Maria L Alvarafo says:

    I believe in the Lord and prayers 100% GOD doess.answer prayers my faith is in the LORD is very stronge

  4. John Kelly says:

    I really want to make heaven.

  5. sharin clarke says:

    I pray for things to change. And God answers me in ways I have to really think about. The answer comes. I have to figure out where it is in my life.

  6. joe says:

    All I know God answer prayer. Sometime what u asking for main not be given to at that time for your own good but always remember God time is the best

  7. imalee simon says:

    So true


    In every situation let us give thanks to the Lord; for it hurts and pains the devil when we glorify the Lord in both good and bad times.

  9. Odili Angela says:

    God’s love for us never changes. Even in trying times, He is always close to us but He needs us to open our eyes and really see Him offering His love and solutions to our problems. We just have to trust in His unfailing love.
    God loves us!

  10. sandor jimenez says:

    Well every time I had a problem what god has showed me to do when I pray for something is to be patience and to trust god with all my heart my advice to everybody is to put all your worries to god and be patience when you ask him anything in his name because he will do it we just have to put of our part too so people all I have to say is god bless you and trust god with all your heart :amen: