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I heard a preacher on TV say the other day that America is filled with idols, and that most Americans are idol-worshippers. I didn't hear the whole program, but what do you suppose he meant? We don't worship idols like people did thousands of years ago.


No, today we may not worship the same idols people did in ancient times—idols of wood or stone or gold representing pagan deities. Because they are only made by humans, the Bible says, “They can do you no good, nor can they rescue you, because they are useless” (1 Samuel 12:21).

But anything can become an “idol” to us—that is, something we put in place of God. Some people, for example, make material success and the pursuit of money their goal in life—and they worship them with just as much devotion as someone might an idol made of stone. Others make beauty or prestige their goal—and these become “idols” because they put them first in their lives. Still others pursue entertainment or sexual thrills or drugs or alcohol—and these become their “idols.”

But every one of these will disappoint us because—like idols made of stone or wood or gold—they have no power to meet our deepest needs. We need forgiveness, but they can’t take away our guilt. We need hope for the future, but they have nothing to offer us. Most of all, we need God, but they will lead us away from Him if we put our trust in them.

Have you allowed any “idol” to creep into your life? Be honest and face it, and then turn from it. Then by faith give yourself to Jesus Christ, for He alone is worthy of your worship—and your life.

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  1. isaiah ngugi says:

    Yes sure its true

  2. odinya samantha says:

    I certainly agree with this. Because no one and nothing else can give us peace, except God.

  3. Reed P. Gagnon says:

    Idol worship is practiced by almost everyone today — Even we committed christians can easily fall prey to it if we are not daily seeking to be led by God’s zholy Spirit. Please help me Jesus to be more like you every day and put aside all false idols.

  4. Manis says:

    yes! It’s true! Don’t even more to make in this world better than in your heart! only the Word of God that take position and place into your heart forever! Beside it, ” Idol” be careful!

  5. Mary Quinton says:

    I agree with you anything can become an idol to us and yes only Jesus Christ is our hope he is our refuge and strength

  6. Tabitha Forsythe says:

    I love and respect your thoughts. it’s true my daughter’s singing career is bigger now but, just as I put Jesus Christ before the things I do, mostly I am not perfect. is it wrong for her to live a life of fame? there are Christian famous singers.

  7. Your Name says:

    The truth is with you and it will never depart from you in Jesus name. I love you.

  8. Glen Scharneck says:

    Something I learned a while back when I got saved is that the thing you think about the most is your God and if it isn’t God/Jesus you are an idolater. This powerful revelation has helped me keep tabs on what I am thinking about and helps me remedy any issues that will stop me from serving the Lord in Spirit and in truth and helps me keep Him Lord of my life.

  9. Brenda Johnson says:

    People today have access to many idols, and they are nothing but distractions. God, their Creator sees what people do, perceives their thoughts, and is the all-knowing God. Because of our sin nature, Christians have a lot to deal with, since the enemy (Satan) knows how to get to them. If Christians continually claim the blood of Jesus, spend lots of time in daily prayer, God will help them, whether it is through angels, the Holy Spirit, or something they will only understand in God’s presence someday. When I say Christians, I include myself in that group. It is when we turn everything over to God that we have BEAUTIFUL fellowship with our Creator. Someday we shall see Him face to face, and oh how beautiful that will be!😃

  10. Dave says:

    Turn off American Idol and turn to Jesus.