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I graduated from college recently, and now I can't get a decent job. I have a temporary job in a restaurant, but I'm beginning to think I wasted four years of my life by going to college. I know this isn't a spiritual question, but do you have any advice?


The most important thing I can tell you is that God is concerned about every detail of your life, including your search for the right job. The Bible says, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight” (Hebrews 4:13).

In other words, some things may seem more “spiritual” to us than others, but in reality everything we do has a spiritual side to it. If God didn’t love you He wouldn’t be concerned about your situation, but He does love you, and He is concerned. Remember: Jesus Christ proved that God loves us by giving His life for us. If you have never put your life into His hands, I urge you to do so today.

Don’t be discouraged, and don’t fall into the error of thinking you’ve wasted the last four years. If you hadn’t gone to college, you might well spend the rest of your life in a low-paying job. Thank God for the opportunities He’s given you, and trust Him to lead you to the place His has for you in the future. The Bible says, “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him” (Psalm 37:5).

In the meantime, ask God to help you have a good attitude, and to be the best employee you can possibly be. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we wish it would, but God knows what’s best for us and will guide us as we pray and seek His will.

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  1. Greg says:

    He will never forsake you. He will provide to those who trust and are faithful to Him..

  2. Lnda says:

    I love Jeremiah 29:11. In my times of stress, this verse assures me of God's love and infinite wisdom, as well as His sovereignty!!!

  3. Larell says:

    If being a child of God,ask the lord to help lead u to a job using your gifts and you will find your office,helping to build the kingdom of God on earth.

  4. Chris says:

    That sounds like my testimony. I went to a community college for three years and finished with an Associate of Applied Science in Drafting and Design and the first place I worked at after I got that degree was in a plant nursery for sixteen months.

  5. Lilah says:

    Look to the Lord and His strength; Seek His face always. Ps 105:4I believe this to be true everyday of my life.My life did not turn out the way I thought it would, but with strong Christian belief and scripture I am still doing fine at 65.

  6. Rich says:

    As a coach, I second what the answer above says. Besides earning your degree, you developed discipline, tenacity and critical thought. Now we get to use those gifts in search of His job. He has a plan!

  7. Cobalt says:

    God bless you Billy for being so very humble, and lovingly kind. We all need advice from time to time, and thanks for your loving advise to us all. sls

  8. Jack says says:

    Dear Graduate, We are all GODS children, Those who are BORDAGAIN CHRISTANS, Our names are written in the BOOK OF LIFE, GOD has A plan for your life, I recommend you, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, You will receive HELP, GOD BLESS ALL.

  9. Adrienne says:

    This was a timely article. I am currently looking for work but I have over 30 years experience. The past few weeks have been very stressful. I am trying to be both patient and trusting in God. I keep praying for His guidance