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I get very upset when I read about corrupt public officials, voters who are only interested in themselves, and things like that. What has happened to our country? Will we ever find our way back?


Today our nation celebrates the Fourth of July, which marks the commitment of our forefathers to shake off the shackles of foreign tyranny and — with God’s help — to become an independent nation. We should thank God for their courage and sacrifice, and for their determination to build our nation on the foundation of moral and spiritual values found in the Bible.

Have we lost our way? Have we forgotten their vision of freedom and justice for all? Have we even given ourselves over to a new kind of tyranny — a tyranny of self-indulgence and materialism and immorality? I fear this may be the case. The Bible warns us against allowing ourselves to become “slaves of depravity — for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him” (2 Peter 2:19).

Does God care about our future as a nation? Yes, of course He does — just as He is concerned about us as individuals. He promises blessing to those who follow Him — but He also warns that judgment awaits any nation that ignores Him and refuses to walk in His ways of justice and mercy. The Bible says, “What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

Pray for our nation and its leaders, that we may repent of our sins as a nation and seek instead to follow God’s will. And pray too for yourself, that regardless of what happens in our world, your faith and hope will be in Christ — and Christ alone.

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  1. Charlotte Dwyer says:

    I believe what has happened to our country is there is too much separation of family, emotionally and geographically therefore we, or many, do not have the consistent daily experience of family life and values. And, I think that those who are easily influenced can get off track with their faith in God. They begin believing it is not so important if in the meanwhile they “feel good” or are having what they think is a “good time.” Much of our character is formed very early, yet we all still need loving support even if it is not what we think we want to hear or follow. The INTERNET is a miracle of communication, yet is also brings us much news that we can live without. I find my days made easier because I really love and believe in Jesus..

  2. Jennifer says:

    After reading your response to the above question, I also read “A Biblical Response to the U. S. Elections.” They caused me to refocus on God’s ultimate goal for believers.. Watching actions in Washington and freedoms repealed such as the removal of The Ten Commandments being posted, prayer in public, and the silencing of The Pledge of Allegiance in schools is disheartening and disturbing to say the least, being reminded that God is not only creates world leaders but destroys them also provides focal directection and should strengthen any believer’s long steadfast drive for God. BabyBoomers and older have wonderful memories of what our country used to be to the point of taking it for granted. How arrogant of us to think that way.

  3. Ron Boyd says:

    I agree that the moral fiber of America is dwindling in a rapid pace, but God. God is so much greater than any evil that befalls us. The bible says that when the enemy comes in like a flood, that God will raise up a standard to defeat him. I am reminded of the city of Nineveh in the bible, and through the obedience of one man(Jonah), delivered the whole city from all their evil ways and brought them back to God. We need to continue to pray and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ more than ever. God is all powerful and is not intimidated by our evil actions.