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I don't understand what's happening to my wife. She seems to have lost any joy for living, and some days she almost can't get out of bed. Her doctor says she needs to go on an anti-depressant medicine, but some friends say we just need more faith. She wants me to make the decision, but I don't know what to do.


I’m thankful for your concern for your wife, and I hope you’ll do everything you can to help her. After all, if you were in her position I’m sure you’d look to her for help — just as she’s looking to you. The Bible says to husbands, “Each one of you… must love his wife as he loves himself” (Ephesians 5:33).

I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, of course, but your wife certainly seems to be suffering from depression (as her doctor says). Sometimes depression has a spiritual cause; King David, for example, was depressed after he secretly committed adultery — and his depression didn’t lift until he confessed his sin and sought God’s forgiveness (see Psalm 32).

But often depression has other causes, such as biochemical imbalances in our bodies. Your doctor apparently suspects this is the case with your wife. Our brains are incredibly complex, and when something gets out of balance it can affect the way we think and look at the world. Often this can be corrected with proper medication.

Does this mean you would be leaving God out of the process, or looking to medicine instead of God for a solution? No, you shouldn’t think this way. Instead, if the medicine works see it as God’s way of answering your prayers — and thank Him for it. In the meantime, constantly assure your wife of your love — and of Christ’s love, as well.

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  1. mary ann kernodle says:

    I was seriously considering suicide at one time in my life. I have a seizure disorder and at that time, my seizures were not being controlled by my medications. I was having seizures every day. I had asked God for help to “heal me” no telling how many times, or to give me just some relief. My medicines were making me so confused that I was a total zombie. They considered doing brain surgery for my seizure problem. They put me in the hospital and had done the first part of the surgery for the Phase Two Monitoring. Then they found out that I had seizures on both sides of the brain. They could not go through with the rest of the surgery. I lost all hope and wanted to kill myself, My faith in God did not let me, It kept me hanging in there.

  2. mary ann kernodle says:

    The meds of course may not work for everyone. Some people can’t take them. The can be of help to others.

  3. mary ann kernodle says:

    I have struggled with severe depression for years. Finally my physician had the insight to place me on an anti-depressant medication. I do see this as one way that God has helped me. Of course, I have to stay active with the church, read the Bible, etc. Depression goes in a revolving door manner. If someone is tooo depressed, then hey will be unable to do anything else, including possibly having a healthy spiritual life. But if they also do not have a healthy spiritual life then they will be depressed, so both issues need to be treated. Not just one.

  4. Tom and Anna Bajus says:

    Wonderful advice

  5. mary says:

    I have had moments of deep depression that i thought i wouldnt come back from so i would ask for GOD to help me and he did i also got medical help to and that to helped because i believe GOD sent me there. In his own way. I pray that your wife gets better and she gets her life back to being happy and forfilled May GOD Bless your family.

  6. tommy lewis says:

    I tried meds for the same thing,they made me sicker.i hope everything gets better.