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How do I know if God even listens to my prayers? I have a lot of problems, and I've asked God repeatedly to take them away, but nothing ever changes. Maybe God doesn't care.


You may find it hard to believe right now, but God is even more concerned about you and your problems than you are. This is why the Bible says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

It’s often been said that God answers our prayers in one of three ways: Yes, no, and wait. There is much truth in this, because God knows our needs far better than we do. Sometimes, for example, we want Him to do something for us, but our prayers are self-centered or thoughtless, and God says “No” because He knows our motives are wrong. Or sometimes God says, “Wait! Not yet!” — because He sees the whole picture, and He knows what’s best for us, both now and in the future. And sometimes, of course, God says “Yes.”

But I’ve discovered that God sometimes answers our prayers in a fourth way: By showing us how to solve the problem. In other words, sometimes we become the answer to our own prayers! We always want God to solve our problems instantly, but sometimes God wants us to deal with them on our own, as He gives us wisdom.

I don’t know what problems you’re facing right now, but God does and He wants to help you overcome them, because He loves you. Pray for wisdom… seek advice from people you trust… and then, little by little, do all you can to solve them. The Bible says, “I will go before you and will level the mountains” (Isaiah 45:2).

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  1. Albany says:

    My dog just ran away and I am scared that she is never coming back. Can you please pray that she comes back unharmed?

    1. Allison says:

      I am praying for you now. I know the worry you are going through. May God bring your dog back to you, safe and sound.

  2. KatherineBrown says:

    Been waiting 10 years,talk to him all the time, I wish he would give me at least a hint!

  3. Yolanta says:

    I have a troublesome male neighbor that lives below me. He consistently slams doors and windows when I am asleep. He is aware that it bothers me and he keeps on doing it. I pray to God that he finds another place to live and a new neighbor will move in that will be peaceful and respectful of my sleeping.

  4. SILVESTER says:

    This is awesome, but our God is a God of miracles.

  5. Aldraa M says:

    I have been so frustrated about the incident that happened to me recently. I am on deep depression. But I still waiting for answer from God. Sometimes it seems He doesn’t listening… but i stiil have hope in Him. Maybe He is working. I want complete and perfect answer from God… I believe in miracles of Bible said about. And today I laid my hope in Holy Spirit’s power… and felt much better .
    I hope God will show me his work.

  6. Johanna says:

    Wow.. Thank you. I have problems right now. And I wrote down the things that I want Jesus to answer for me. I was crying when I was writing it. It took me a bunch of minutes. I feel so heavy right now because of my problems.. But I will never make suicide the answer. Because I know that Jesus will answer them and solve them at the right time. For those are thinking about going for a suicide, don’t. Because Jesus made you to be happy and learn too. Never lose faith 🙂 Also this answer helped me to feel better 😀 Thank you 🙂

    1. Johanna says:

      And what I mean by “I wrote down the things that I want Jesus to answer for me. I was crying when I was writing it” I was talking to him even though I don’t think he is listening. 🙂

  7. Adel says:

    My mom has liver problems and Dr found a spot on one of her lungs and she is a diabetic. She prays n prays for all this to go away. She’s always putting everybody first but now she needs help.

    1. A'braimah says:

      Just saw this, reminds me of myself about 3 years ago, my dad was diabetic, he had been managing his for close to ten years, but due to financial issues and other matters arising, his case got worse, those periods were the worst for me but that was my closest period with God, I was 16 at the time, but during those terrible spells God gave me comfort, and yes of course I had doubts, “wondering if there really was a God” then I prayed and he gave me reasons to believe that he existed. So next time you’re in doubt, just pray and ask for a sign to keep you going, he always definitely responds.

  8. Deborah says:

    I really feel God has closed His ears to my prayers

  9. Blanche Murges says:

    Our financial problems seem
    Insurmountable ( even our beloved home of 38 years is in jeopardy on top of that my husband has cancer and due to that I’m carry in the load with my God and tell him very little.
    I’m not sure what I’m going to do if my Lord doesn’t come through soon. I’m so very worried but still hold on to my faith. Oh Dear God where are you?

  10. Warren says:

    I feel that God has left and forgeting me please ask God to say me Yes I am with you No I am not or Wait I will tell you but in His own way please