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I didn't come from a religious family, but this past year I went through treatment for cancer, and to make a long story short, one of the women I met during chemotherapy led me to Christ. How can I tell my extended family about this without sounding like I think I'm better than they are?


Sometimes God has to lead us through some hard times before we’ll listen to His voice; perhaps this was true with you. Ask God to use you to help others find Christ who also are going through hard times, just as He used this woman in your life.

Often the hardest people to talk to about Jesus and what He has done for us are the members of our own families. One reason, I think, is because they know us so well, and we know they will be watching for any inconsistency or hypocrisy. We know they also will be put off by any hint of superiority or pride (as you have suggested). But this doesn’t mean we should keep silent! After Andrew met Jesus, the Bible says that “The first thing (he) did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, ‘We have found the Messiah'” (John 1:41).

Pray for your family every day, and ask God to open up opportunities to share with them one-on-one how you came to know Christ. Admit that you know you aren’t perfect, but tell them honestly what a difference He has made in your life, and how you now have the hope of heaven because of Him.

In addition, as Christmas approaches think of ways you can tell them what it now means to you. For example, send Christ-centered Christmas cards this year, and include a brief letter about your cancer and how God used it to bring you to Christ.

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  1. Kevin May says:

    I agree with the comment above. Would like to add, as long as we ourselves practice the Chistian Basics which the Bible teaches us which are repent, pray and live the best we can by our Saviours example each day then it becomes somewhat easier to find the words through Christ to share with others rather their family, extended family, friend,associate or stranger. My point is when we share Gods word it is not and can not be I, what should I do, it is we. When one is somewhat new in coming to know Christ, it is good to have a mentor in the Word of God to help one study Gods Word in our Holy Bible. One chapter which helps us to understand the “WE FACTOR” is 1 Corinthians 12. Which it expalins becoming a member of the Body of Christ. Point is, always have a mentor in studying the word of God. Through our lives we will outgrow one mentor and find another as we mature as Christians in the Word of God. By his Holy Grace Growth in his Word is a lifetime of maturing as a Christian through Christ our Saviour who died for OUR sins. In other words no one has it down like Jesus does in his Fathers Word. Thus the reason to have a mentor and never stop studying the Bible. I always tell people, its in the Book. hehe, but thats the Truth. God Bless each and everyone, for God loves you all very much so he does Bless us all, rather we realize it or not. Learn his Word through the Holy Spirit, through Christ our Saviour, through a mentor that cares enough to teach only whats in the Bible freely without charge.