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How bad does a nation have to get before God steps in and destroys it? Sometimes I wonder if we aren't getting close to that line.


You are right to be concerned about this, because the Bible clearly tells us that God not only judges individuals, but also judges nations that rebel against Him and turn their backs on His righteousness and justice.

It happened most clearly in the Old Testament, when God eventually allowed the enemies of ancient Israel to invade and destroy it. First came the Assyrians, a cruel and heartless nation that destroyed the northern tribes of Israel; later the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and captured the southern tribes. Repeatedly, God sent His prophets to warn of judgment and urge the people to turn back to God, but they refused, and eventually God allowed their nation to collapse. God said, “Again and again I sent all my servants the prophets to you…. But you have not paid attention or listened to me” (Jeremiah 35:15).

No one can say exactly when that might happen to us (or any other nation) because God is patient, and He doesn’t give us what we deserve. But we must never ignore His warnings or assume He doesn’t care what we do — because He does. Sin is an offense to Him because it’s a deliberate rejection of God and all the good things He’s done for us.

Pray for our nation, and pray for those around you who don’t know Christ or have turned their backs on Him. God loves them just as He does you, and He sent His only Son into the world to give His life for their salvation. God’s promise is true: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).

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  1. Roselyn says:

    Our nation has vetoed God's limit to be a “Godly Nation”….It is now time to “Look up”,…and win souls for Christ! God is doing His part. we must do our part…What an exciting age to be living in!..(It's only fearful if you don't trust!

  2. Jack says, says:

    The HOUR of DECESION, Is coming, TO AMERICA and the WORLD, Because our WORLD IS FALLING APART, With only one with POWER to REVERSE, Our DEVASTATION, Is our LORD add SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, REPENTING will save the day, PRAY TODAY, GOD BLESS,

  3. Oval Lee says:

    I am deeply concerned that America is walking, no, almost running away from God except as our emergency rescuer. I Pray we will let God turn us around. He is our only Hope.

  4. shirley says:

    God is seeking and calling out to us as individuals and as a country to turn from our wordly, self rightous, and sinful ways. We have the opportunity to help others by sending, calling or talking about my hope America

  5. BEVERLY says:

    We should be looking UP, for Jesus' return. The mark of the beast has already been given, in several states, in the U.S.

  6. marty says:

    GAmen to God for being there for us always and it is so sad when people shun or ignore that he exist so glad I trust and believe in our Lord, Pray for the ones who don`t so they might find Jesus and enjoy the life he gives us, Praise God

  7. John says:

    As I read my bible each morning I wonder how much further God is going to allow our country to decay before He thinks enough is enough. I see people working on Sundays when they should be in church thanking God for all their gifts.

  8. Debbie says:

    Our America was built on God's word and religion…now it is but a shell of its former self..We as American's need to refold and rethink our actions….start believing in the Almighty God and Jesus Christ and reclaim their Glory and stance

  9. Viriginia says:

    Yes, I am praying for our nation which has wandered far from the principles on which it was founded–a nation under God. May we learn the lessons given to us in the Bible of nations that have turned away from following His way!

  10. Ian says:

    God is there for us when we need him the most whether wen we are in trouble or not in trouble god helped me a lot in my life.I thank God for His love and want to meet Him someday when the time is right.We as a nation must stand together for Jesus.