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My sister lost her small son a little over a year ago, and on the anniversary of his death she put a poem in the paper to remember him. It said something about him being an angel now. Is that what happens to us when we die and go to heaven, that we become angels?


I know your sister was sincere, and I respect her sorrow and her desire to remember and honor her son–but no, we don’t become angels when we die and go to heaven.

The truth is, when we die and go to heaven we become even greater than the angels! The angels are spiritual beings who were created by God to be His servants, and God has given them great authority and power to do His will. And at the present time the angels are greater than we are, because God made us “a little lower than the heavenly beings” (Psalm 8:5).

But the Bible also says that in heaven we will be higher than the angels–and the reason is because we will be like Christ. The Bible says, “Do you not know that we will judge angels?” (1 Corinthians 6:3). While this verse may be referring to the rebellious angels who chose to follow Satan, it still implies that our status after death will be above that of the angels.

All of this, I know, may seem like theological hairsplitting to you. But don’t lose sight of the central truth: When we know Christ, we know that this life is not all, but ahead of us is the joy of heaven. May your sister take comfort in this truth, and in the fact that her little son now is beyond all the pain and suffering of this world. Is this your hope as well? It can be, as you give your life to Christ and trust Him as your Savior.

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  1. Eminent Mensah says:

    Can I see all my family as I see them on earth when we all die one day?

  2. Philip S.QUOQUI says:

    I am so touched by this. On May 21, 2016, my wife and I lost our three year old son who had been in school from Monday to Friday. He was seen to be health and very lively. At about 11 PM, he started burning with fever, we calm him down with pills he became stable. The next morning he started convulsing. We rushed him to the hospital and never brought him back. I have dream about him on many occasions. He keeps telling me he is not dead, he will come back. The other day I dream about him and ask him if he has seen Christ and he said yes. His favorite Bible verse was Genesis 1:1. Do people return when they die a premature death?

  3. Terri Williams says:

    My sister went to heaven 12-27-14. I want to know more about heaven. Do the ones in heaven send signs to us?

    1. BGEA says:

      Hi Terri,

      We are sorry for your loss of your sister.

      While this is not the exact answer to your question, here is an answer from Billy Graham on heaven.

      My Answer

      You can read more of Mr. Graham’s answers on heaven at:

  4. Noah Hoffmann says:

    I’ve been interested in this lately because I’m trying to find a way to bring my mom and stepdad to heaven. My stepdad is an atheist and my mom is a pagan.

  5. Marianne H. Gagne says:

    My heart is lightened and enlightened by your words. One day it will be my joy to sit In the presence of our Lord.
    Thank you.

  6. Kelly Jane White says:

    I lost my dear mother & have been very heartbroken . My comfort is in the Lord & I love the verse, to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.
    I agree with your comments on Angels . Just too many say I now have an angel now in heaven or someone gained their wings . Thank you for this answer that I can share. God bless !

  7. Mary C Mowat says:

    Please read Matthew 22;30

  8. Alyssa says:

    Yup, When we go to heaven, We will be angels and some day, we will live in God’s home!