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We are engaged in a bold mission to help church leaders minister to children and youth, through the use of these great resources.

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Training Events for Children’s & Youth Workers

The Children’s & Youth Evangelism Training Team trains Children’s and/or Youth Workers (not just vocational ministry leaders) to equip their students to reach their friends and family with the Gospel.

ENGAGE – Children & Youth Worker Training

This 2.5 hour training equips the worker with practical help to equip their students to begin fulfilling the Great Commission themselves every day. This event is geared for those volunteers and paid staff that work with children and youth. That means if you work with 6-15 year-olds, it’s designed for you. In addition to practical skills, we’ll explore the statistics, theology, theory, and resources available to aid you as you make disciple-making disciples for Jesus.

If you are interested in hosting a training event, please contact the Children & Youth Evangelism Training Team at We encourage churches or organizations to see this as a regional event and invite others to attend.


Participation at Regional, National, and International Events

The Children & Youth Evangelism Training Team members regularly participate in other events all around the US, Canada, and abroad to equip leaders and influencers to effectively equip their children and youth as capable disciple-making disciples – sharing the Gospel with their friends and families.

Children’s Pastor Conference East:
January 21-24, 2015
Chattanooga, TN

ENGAGE Conference:
Dates to be determined
San Diego, CA


Training Testimonials

“This was an incredible breakout- the greatest that I’ve been to thus far! He was passionate about what he was talking about and I felt both convicted and encouraged leaving the session. There was practical and tangible information. Truly a blessing!!”

“…brought up a great discussion with convicting statistics…”

“Wonderful, motivational and practical workshop. Challenged.”

“Truly inspiring, loved every minute. This makes me look at my own life with God and inspires me to strengthen my relationship with him so I may disciple his word better to our youth. Thank you & God Bless.”

“Good material, well presented. A very worthwhile evening. I will share it with pastors, elders & youth ministry at church.”

“Brilliant! This is exactly what we believe the heart of God is saying right now, always actually! As a senior pastor I mentor young people who lead young people. Proclaim the gospel and train others to preach and make disciples. It’s why we live!”