True Love

56:18   •   August 15, 2015

Billy Graham explores the nature of divine love. – St. Louis 11/8/73


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  1. Staci Garrison says:

    I’m so blessed that you have kept these videos of his services. At 42 yrs old (43 in Feb) I have been blessed to come to know Billy Graham last year 2015. Thank you for treasuring his videos and sharing them to all.

    Thank You!

  2. Menika Manda says:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement messages….keep sharing ..God Bless you!

  3. James Jamieson says:

    Always the Greatest messages

  4. Tek magar says:

    Wow great

  5. sharon retz says:

    Hallelujah I remember my Mom listening to Rev. Graham on the radio I used to listen also then Mom watched on the Black and White and onward until she went home with the Lord in 1989,,, True Love powerful Word and Living in the Love of Jesus

  6. Florence says:

    This message is so timeless and so fitting for our age today. I was born after the Graham Crusade era, but I so enjoyed watching this. I’ve heard so much about Billy Graham, but never had the privilege to hear him speak. Thank you!

  7. JoDair says:

    Best message ever! I worked with BGEA for two years and this message not only captured Billy’s spirit it held great truths and encompasses my personal heart’s desire for marraige (still waiting at 48). Loved it! So grateful for the truths that Dr. Graham has always faithfully and articulately shared.

  8. Geila Smith says:

    I watched on TBN today 01.06.2015, I live in Irving, TX, a classic sermon in Birmingham,AL about marriage. How can I obtain a copy of that message?
    Very powerful message that I’d like to give to a couple that is stuggling and talking divorce.

  9. Joey Grist-Forbes says:

    I have recently discovered my grandfathers brother, Walter Grist was involved with Billy Grahams evangelistic Ministry. I was taken out of state as an infant by my mother and wasn’t raised by my biological father or exposed to the Grist side of my family tree. I am now 43 years old and I am learning about what a wonderful family I was born into. I must admit I never knew about Billy Graham or ever heard one of his sermons until tonight when this new part of my ancestry has suddenly came to light and I cant seem to get enough. In this age where people are desperately searching for truth and crying out for help they seem to be looking to everyone and everything besides what the Lord has opened my eyes to and that is asking Him.

  10. gayethiri sujindran says:

    Wonderful messages. spiritfull.i just love rev billygraham.

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