The Holy Spirit and You

51:11   •   February 15, 2014

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  1. LISA says:

    Many blessings to Billy and his family..thank-u. I would like to request prayer for my dad Ron Ellsmere. He is in the end stages of heart disease and COPD. Lead a very dark life but I see him struggling with the enemy to come to God. One day he wants to come to church with my daughter and I , then the enemy comes and I watch while he tries to rest , the demonic torture. Murmuring and cursing in his sleep. He lives with me now and as much as I stand against it ..he won’t accept Jesus as his savoir. Others have planting seeds too. Then my land- lady gave him your book about hope. he doesn’t enjoy much to do with christ but, loves your book and sermons. Please pray, the saddest thing would be if he left the earth and didn’t accept Jesus .

  2. Carla says:

    Thank you for your wonderful ministry and great preaching of the word of our Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ.

    1. LISA says:


  3. Mauricio Carmona says:

    I just want to seek Gods glory and help others see Jesus.

  4. Glenn says:

    The Gospel presented as clear as a North Carolina Mtn stream.

    1. Aubrey says:

      What a glorious and refreshing image. Thank you!

  5. Michael waweru says:

    Your ministry is agreat blessing. May the almighty God continue using to His glory and honour.

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