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  1. Martha martin says:

    I really enjoy watching you on tv now. When I was just a child, we would all sit down around the warm stove in the winter and watch you preach. There are 9 of us kids. House wasn’t that big, but that’s what we did every time you where on. My mom has gone to be with the Lord, my dad is 95, still with us. As of now here in 2015. I still find you on tv, I watch every one I can. You are a man of God. I don’t have much money, but love to read about the Lord.

  2. Paula Kunzmann says:

    Thank-you for Jesus! And thank-you for your ministry, I have been a follower since the 70’s. And read faithfully your publications. Thanks again.

  3. linda hartley says:

    I am watching at the moment Billy Graham Crusades, I was so happy to see they are on tv now, I am Lutheran, but have always know that Billy Graham is the real thing, a very believable person. Fond wishes to him and his family, may God continue to bless his ministry.

  4. Jane Swope says:

    A few months ago my prayer was for the Lord to let me get to know the Holy Spirit as a person in a deeper way. Billy Graham’s book entitled “The Holy Spirit” has helped me understand this wonderful Third Person of the Blessed Trinity as the wonderful friend He is to me. Thank you!

  5. JUDY BROWNE says:

    I have always been impressed with Billy Graham. This video of Japan is so enlightening. I didn’t realize how many people don’t know Jesus.

  6. brittanie esmond says:

    I am happy that I am doing a speech topic on the wonderful Billy Graham because he has inspired me to always look to God and I’m just an 18 year old who loves to carry her bible around high school and show people that shes not afraid of doing the right thing by standing up for God and I believe that Billy Graham has touched my heart in a way that I will never forget. Billy Graham has shown me that love is Everlasting that God is always there for you and that you dont need to worry about anything in life because all you need is God. God is always with you no matter what and I think that Billy Graham is an awesome amazing person that really lets the Holy Spirit just pour all over him so praise God for his love and grace and praise God for Billy Graham. Amen

  7. Magnus..Johansen says:

    The Billy Graham association gave me the necessary push to be an christinan more seriously than before. Halellujah.! I am saved for ever and ever, Amen.

  8. Marcia Isakson says:

    Recently I began reading Billy Graham books he had published years ago and found them in Thrift Stores. My dad was born in Boone, North Carolina and was a few years younger than Billy Graham. Just want you to know that his older books are as fresh and alive as his newer ones and thank you Billy Graham for being faithful still at 95 or 96. Wow, what a life. I wish I got your rewards in heaven:)

  9. Luann Brodbeck says:

    Awesome to see the ministry in Poland and Russia! Great to see God working there!