Is the End of the World Close?

52:39   •   February 15, 2014

Billy Graham preaches on the end of the age. Steve Green sings. Chuck Colson gives testimony. – Pittsburgh 6/6/93

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  1. lagaillarde fabrice says:

    I am really blessed by these messages

  2. johnny davis says:

    hi i just order billy graham classics d v d set i have always believe dr graham is a call of god
    i have try so many to get the classics i had gave up but god said to my heart not to i am so glad i listen in a few days i will get them may god bless john

  3. Animesh Biswas says:

    Listening to Mr Billy Graham makes me to conclude they dont make preachers like him no more. The ability of language & delivery, the expression, the conviction…just not found anymore. Where will we masses go? Otherwise what is happening may continue, that people may or may not leave Jesus but they will surely leave the Church.

  4. David Decker says:

    Praise the Lord and the Billy Graham Ministries

  5. Teresa Graves says:

    Billy Graham has helped me ever since I was small child and now I am 65 years old thank God! He saved me. I want to serve him more!! Thank you for these classics they mean so much to me. God bless you Billy Graham. Love you in Christ.

  6. nsame joseph says:

    As a pastor, I always thank God so much for using Rev. Billy Graham so much to bless my soul.

  7. Jack Holm says:

    God bless you for these classic programs, I watch them each week on tlevision.

  8. Mary Lord says:

    How will we get along when Billy is gone? He will be missed!! My son went to a meeting and got saved
    over 20 years ago Thanks to Billy he came to God!

  9. Mano Russaliah says:

    I wish I had chance to go to one of that crusades or chance to see him face to face.

  10. Peli Lolo says:

    Very powerful preacher

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