How to Live the Christian Life

53:52   •   February 15, 2012

Billy Graham preaches an important sermon on what it truly means to live the Christian life. Musical guest Ethel Waters. George Beverly Shea sings. – New York 8/3/57

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  1. Brandy says:

    This message was a blessing to me. I learned that I need to set a time every day to read my Bible and to pray and not wait until I “feel like it.”

  2. Howard Hagans says:

    There has never been another preacher like Billy Graham. I was 10 years old in 1957. I truly wish we had preaching today like we had then. God has never raised another man like Billy Graham up since. I continue to pray that He will. I will continue to preach until Jesus comes. Love these classics.


    I love you Billy Graham. Happy Birthday. I thank the Lord God, Jesus Christ for you, your son, daughter, wife who has gone before us to Heaven and all of you family. Thank you

  4. Feli says:

    Most Uplifting Powerful Message i have ever heard.. Thank You Lord For making me a Witness of this Gospel.. God Bless Billy Graham’s Ministry and this website and any of it’s medium.. Amen

  5. Yakubu Dauda Kaze says:

    I watch Billy Graham massage “how to leave a christian life” It was spirit fill crusade, I am personally torch to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ because I am not living right. please join me to pray that I begin to live the way God want me to. Also pray for my family that the holy spirit will come and bring unity among us. God bless BG. tv. Amen.

  6. Crystal says:

    I just want to say thank you for giving to the Lord.

  7. Kevin Guel says:

    Mr. Graham, I pray that I may be able to spend some eternity with you either at your mansion or mine when The Lord calls us home. Thank you sir.

  8. Brenda Watson says:

    Dr.Billy Graham’s sermons has brought me closer to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and I thank him for his life’s work. Thank you

  9. Luz Rowshandel says:

    That was a powerful message.It is filled with the holy spirit.That is the kind of message we christians need to hear.

  10. Mark Pedersen says:

    Lord Jesus
    Please bless Billy Graham for showing us how to get to heaven