Gospel Graffiti – Bridge To Life

03:42   •   February 17, 2012

What happens when Graffiti and The Gospel collide? Features – DJ Promote and Fasm. Produced by – The Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc. to paint the Gospel in graffiti form for a video project dubbed “Bridge to Life”.


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  1. Loretta Cox says:

    God is my refuge..so thankful for his love.

  2. Loretta Cox says:

    SO HAPPY TO HAVE THE FRIENDS I have.Love all of them

  3. Jack Geiger says:

    Praise GOD through His SON JESUS CHRIST,and Thank You,for this message.I,am homeless at this time in my life and I need the LORD Jesus each and every day and I pray as much as I can each and every day.I need GOD each and every hour of my life,I,am not sad but happy,because I Believe in my heart that will be a new life Eternal ,for I LOVE forever the LORD JESUS and this is not the end of my life.Praise GOD and JESUS for All Eternalty .AMEN Return to us LORD JESUS.

  4. AliceGBiondella says:

    I love GOD my Heavenly Father. The Trinty means all to me. Stories of the Bible are a learning tool for me even at 79. BIlly Graham is whom we have know all of our lives,a great teacher.GOD BLESS ALICE G BIONDELLA

  5. margaret davis says:

    thank you. please pray for me.

  6. Phyllis Shimooka says:

    I was raised listening to pastor billy graham. Mom was a prayer warrior and I can still hear the song just as I am.

  7. R. James Houghtaling Jr. says:

    I have been on my journey for many years, But after I decided to accept Jesus, I still have “situations”, which like Jesus said, we will have trials and tribulations. I have “talked” to God, and he has “spoken” to my heart at some really trying times. I always respected Mr. Billy Graham, for he never judges others, and like Jesus he invites all who are weary to come to him for comfort, and learn how we can all be the “family of man”.

  8. Linda Rudolph says:

    I have always loved this organization since I was a teenager.

  9. Pastor Willie T. Burton says:

    My first time to visit the web site love the videos great evangelism tools