Gospel Graffiti – Bridge To Life

03:42   •   February 17, 2012

What happens when Graffiti and The Gospel collide? Features – DJ Promote and Fasm. Produced by – The Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc. to paint the Gospel in graffiti form for a video project dubbed “Bridge to Life”.


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  1. Virginia A. Gibson says:

    Thank You. Easy to understand. Outstanding.

  2. Susan Branham says:

    Thank you for sharing this with me.

  3. Alma Branham says:

    Thank you

    1. Alma Branham says:

      So many young people need to watch this.

  4. Dianne Pepe says:

    Thank you

  5. Charmaine says:

    This is awesome. Spreading the gospel of Salvation through non-judgement. Graffitti.. Art.. Used for God’s glory is beautiful. Acceptance of all talent for God’s kingdom for His message is what it’s all about. God Bless!

  6. Pastor Gary says:

    Sackcloth & Ashes March 30TH 2016, a call to God’s children to come back before he destroys this nation, repent, start now join together as one body in Christ then.

  7. Stephanie Albert says:

    That was outstanding!

  8. Ronald says:

    Jesus will never let us down, a big thank you

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