TV SPECIALDefining Moments

Moments of questioning; of discovery; of brokenness. See how “Defining Moments” have changed the lives of illusionist Jim Munroe, NFL player David Tyree and musical artist Lacey Sturm.


Defining Moments 28:30

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  1. Womenwho Pray says:

    I’m being contacted by Billy Graham…as I type this. How do I make sure it is him? I love this man but I was asked by my prayer partner to check this contact out. Thanks for your help in this matter. If it is him…well…woo hoo!!!!!

    1. Lynn Stepp says:

      If you are getting a direct message from Billy Graham it is a scam. I am sending you my email address. If you have any further questions. Blessings, Lynn Stepp

  2. Marilee Stroebe says:

    I need to be feed from God’s word in music, etc. Thank you for just a taste of God’s people sharing!!!

  3. Glenda Bevis says:

    Just praying that Dr. Billy Graham is feeling lots better and would like it to be he is doing a lot better!
    In Christian love! Glenda Bevis

  4. Mandy Kirkman says:

    Thank you Rev. Graham for being the best inspiration and role model.

  5. Carla Heredia says:

    Thank you

  6. Emmanuel Justin Silwimba says:

    Real,some problems in life is a true way of experiencing the power of God.The desire of my heart is to experiencing the presence of Mighty God in my whole lives

  7. Mary Kay Freshour says:

    Praying for Billy and his family. God is Good

  8. m. frasure says:

    I’m praying for Billy’s health

  9. m. frasure says:

    I’m praying for Billy

  10. Susannah Williams says:

    I just wanted to tell you just how much you are appreciated, Mr. Billy Graham. You presence in this world has touched millions and we pray for your strength in the Lord…We still direly need you here!

    Susannah Williams